Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part XIII - Walls are DONE!!!

Okay, so the walls have been rolled and they're mostly complete. I might find a couple of add'l spots that I missed, but I think I pretty much got it covered w/2 coats (just shy of 2 gallons).

No "Accent Wall" - It's all Sweet Marzipan. Pretty neutral in the "gold" end of the spectrum. No complaints! Color would have been nice, but "Oh, well!" I wimped out after the "Apricot/Tums Disaster!"

Speaking of wimping out - I think I may just go with "Ultra Pure White" for the baseboards, windowsill and door. That way, I won't have to d*ck around with Home Depot's inability to guarantee a specific paint-color in a quart size.

Plus, as I'm looking at the wall, against the baseboards, after dark - I think I *do* need some bright "offset" to the gold-ish (but barely noticeable) wall color. UPW oughtta take care of THAT!

Presently, the baseboards are painted in "Ultra-Dull-Beat-To-Sh*t" off-white. And the door, I suspect, ONLY has primer on it. So Ultra-Pure-White oughtta provide quite a kick! I certainly don't think I can make it look any worse than it does now!

So tomorrow, on my way home from work, I'll stop at HD and pick up a quart. Get that done, ASAP, give it an hour or two to dry, then start moving the furniture back, and clean-up this FEMA-worthy Disaster Area!!!

Hey, but at least it's gonna get done, right?! Nothing short of a freakin' miracle!!!!

Okay, I'm off to bed now!

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