Monday, September 22, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part XI - Cutwork Complete!!!

Cutwork is COMPLETE! Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It actually didn't take all that long - maybe an hour or so... I *do* like the Edger Tool from Shur-line (Home Depot, less than $10 bucks). My only gripe with the Edger is that the pads have a very short life-expectancy. My living room really *isn't* that big, and by the time I was about halfway through with it, the pad started to unravel and it wanted to leave drippies behind it!

Still - it beat the sh*t out of having to apply masking tape to the ceiling!!!

It's not 100% perfect - and there were some gloppies left-behind on the baseboards (I'll fix that when I paint 'em and/or we'll have the Professionals take care of 'em!). You absolutely MUST remember to raise the wheelie-edger thingie BEFORE you plunk it into the tray. And clean-up - when you forget to raise the wheelie-edger thingie is a real PITA, but overall I'd say it's a pretty decent tool!!!

Like I said, it beat the sh*t out of having to apply masking tape to the ceiling!!! (I was really and truly dreading getting up on the ladder, repeatedly!!!)

I'll probably hafta get up on the ladder a couple of times b/c where the "beam" meets the ceiling was less-than a 45* angle - so I'll have a little touch-up work to do. But other than that, I think I'm pretty-much left with Roller Work - which really should be a complete Piece of Cake!

So I can definitely get the WALLS done, before Roger's return.... Baseboards and Door? Not so sure!

And I'm back in "debate" mode regarding the "Accent Wall" (all part of my Psycho-Gemini Mystique!!!). I *did* end up "edging" that wall with the Sweet Marzipan color...

My plan is to paint the other three walls and see how far the first gallon will "stretch." If I run out of paint - but have *most* of the three walls done, I'll probably opt to go with the darker color on the "behind the sofa" wall. But if there's enough paint for ALL four walls, I may skip the "Accent Wall." It's up to the Universe to decide!!!! (After completing the cut-work, I'm only down less-than a quart - so too soon to tell, yet!!!)

Anyway.... I am pleased with my progress, thus far! Now I'm down to "roller" work - which should go pretty quickly. I am fully-confident that the WALLS will be completed before Rog comes home. I am also "somewhat confident" that I can, at least, complete the "hidden" trimwork before he gets back (that'd be the baseboards - behind the piano and sofa). Not sure if I'll get EVERYTHING (including "visible" baseboards and door) before he gets back, but it's GOT to be an improvement over what I'd BEEN looking at!!!!

Home Depot "Home Services" was a complete No-Show. No-Show, No-Call, No-Nuthin'! So, to hell with 'em!!!

I'm going in to the office tomorrow - so I don't expect much progress, but "We'll see............."


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