Sunday, September 21, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part VII - Paint Has Been Purchased!!!

Man, this is turning into quite the saga, isn't it?!!

Just ran over to Home Depot (around noon-ish on a Sunday - "What are you NUTS?!!"). Bought some fresh brushes, rollers, roller-tray liners, couple of small paint pails (for the ladder-top cut-work), and a GALLON OF PAINT!!! I've decided to go with my first choice, Sweet Marzipan (Behr ICC-51). It looks kinda golden-tan straight-on. But when I had the paint chip in the living room, I could see a faint green-ish tone which I really liked.

Living Room Theme is going from Faux-Asian to Mild-Tropical. The sofas are tan leather (kinda '80's style, but still generic enough). I bought some throw pillows a few months back that have Bird of Paradise Flowers on 'em, with a beige-greenish border. So I think the new paint will complement those nicely. I'll definitely be buying new drapes (or something!) at some point, and some new art-work. Previously I had a Chinese-brush-stroke black/white horse painting hanging over the sofa, and a colorful wedding-kimono hanging on the opposite wall. Now I think I want some kinda tropical art-print. Maybe palm trees... Maybe a Bird of Paradise Flower, haven't decided yet...

And I do want to get a silk palm tree to stick in the corner with an uplight behind it. I wish I could do a real palm tree but there really isn't enough light in there to sustain any living plants.

But I'm getting ahead of myself!

I got some PAINT to put up on these walls!!!!!!

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