Sunday, September 21, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part IX - End-Of-Day Musings

Okay, the sun has set and now I have a chance to look at the paint with just interior lights. I painted a patch right next to the kitchen, so it's getting some fluorescent light. I'm sitting here in the kitchen and looking over at it. I can actually see the patch now, the greenish hue is more evident, and I like it (I couldn't see the patch, at all, before!!!). The patch over by the front door is visible as well. It's definitely darker, but not unpleasant since it's a warm tone. The sofa-wall patch is lit by an incandescent lamp, and it, too, looks nice. But it really isn't "dramatically different."

Soooooo... Yep! I've pretty much decided that the wall behind the sofa is going to go "darker" and become an "Accent Wall." The color will be "Beachwalk" and it is *definitely* Golden! Gold, with a hint of green. It's a good 2-3 shades darker than the "Sweet Marzipan" that's going on the other walls. I think it'll be a nice backdrop for the sofa (Give it some "pop" - much as I hate that word!).

And if I replace my black lampshades with something significantly lighter, I think things'll still be plenty "bright."

I mean, honestly, it'd really suck to do all this work and have it not be noticeably different!

Door and trimwork will be "Beach Sand." A much, much lighter - almost white - color with a slight hint of gold.

I can't guarantee I'll get the door and trimwork done before Roger's return. I really do have a difficult time keeping my momentum!

Side-Note: I am a Classic Psycho-Gemini who has, umm, Attention-Span Issues! I usually have at least half-a-dozen projects going at once - and rarely do ANY of them get completed!

My job is actually perfect for me. I'm a Business Systems Analyst and I usually have about 20-30 different Client Projects going at once. I am a Supreme Multi-Tasker and I love juggling multiple projects. Also, nearly all of my engagements are short-term (lasting weeks- to months), so I never get a chance to get "bored!"

So for me to have to concentrate solely on ONE thing for several-days-in-a-row is pretty excruciating for me!

(Conversely, Roger is an Electronics Engineer and excels at FOCUSING on ONE THING, to the exclusion of EVERYTHING ELSE. I think we've got that whole "Opposites Attract" thing kickin' - but the differences between us have proven to be quite challenging, at times!!!)

Tomorrow should be better, actually. I'm working from home, so I'll be able to split my attention between Work-Work and Painting-Work. I just hope none of my clients decides to "have a crisis" tomorrow!!

Oh, and my friend-and-colleague, Joysey-Kathie, suggested that I try to get one of those Edging Pad Tool thingies. There's a write-up on 'em here: Evidently, she was helping a friend of hers with an interior painting job. He used one of these and she claims it did a pretty good job. I figure it's worth the $10 investment to try it out. I really am dreading climbing up on the ladder to do cut-work on the vaulted ceiling. I figure I'll try it with the light paint tomorrow. Even if I do screw up and smudge the ceiling a bit, it shouldn't be too noticeable - since the "lightness" of the paint is pretty close to the beige - and the ceiling is dirty anyway.

Figure we'll let the professionals fix it when I convince Rog to hire 'em!

If the edger thing works okay, then I'll use it over on the Accent Wall as well. If not, then I'll do the climb-a-ladder thing. But it shouldn't be toooooo painful if I'm only doing the one wall.

As far as energy goes: Methinks it's the diabetes. Well, diabetes and chinese food. Not a good combination! Yes, I *can* indulge every once in awhile. But that means ONE MEAL, ONE TIME! Unfortunately, I ended up getting three meals out of yesterday's Chinese Take-Out Debacle. The late-night snack was a bad idea, and I woke up with higher-than-normal (but not off-the-charts) blood sugar. So that gave me a "bad-start" for the day, and it's still difficult for me to recover. Then I ate MORE chinese food for lunch again today. Verrrrry bad.

When I found myself feeling slow-mo this afternoon, it didn't occur to me to check my blood sugar right away. I wrote it off to being tired from all the physical labor. By the time I did check, I was up to 226 (Verrrrry Bad!), so that explains the Zombie-like feeling.

I have since dosed myself with more insulin, but I don't expect to recover fully tonight. :::sigh:::

But I can't beat myself up too badly. I mean, this really is the first BIG project I've tackled since I was Dx'd back in December. And this *is* a pretty big project! I've accomplished a lot, so far - and I WILL accomplish even more! "Chin up" and all that!

So I plan to take it easy tonight, go to bed early, and plan for a Better Tomorrow!

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