Saturday, September 20, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part II - Must... Sit... Down!!!

Just moved the piano. "Allllll byyyyy myyyyyyyyyssseeeelffff!"

Waddya wanna bet I'll be whining about THAT tomorrow?!!

I was gonna ask my next door neighbor to help, but by the time I was ready to move it, his truck was gone!!!

Tchotchke Removal was more work than I'd anticipated. I thought I kept the living room pretty "minimal" for the most part. But I guess I had more candles, ash-trays, and doo-dads on display than I realized.

Oh, and there were several boxes of krep that needed to go to the storage locker. I was dreading that b/c I was afraid that was gonna turn into a separate project all on it's own! I'm running out of space and a lot of stuff needs to be shifted around to maximize capacity.

Thankfully, I only had to move one lightweight but large item (My Christmas Tree Halloween Costume - that STILL smells like pine air-freshener - after almost one year!!!), and I found space (Yay!). (Separate rant: How come my monthly storage locker rent keeps going UP, yet the services DECLINE?!! They only have TWO flatbed carts in the whole @#$% place!!! There were THREE ppl there, so both carts were in-use. I had to hand-carry everything, in multiple trips, down to my basement storage unit! #$%^!!!)

Then a trip to Home Depot. Bought some drop-cloths to cover the furniture and a bucket. Annnnnnd I had to buy a (GASP!) MOP!!!

Ahhhh, the down-side of having a housekeeper - one can't assume that there's a mop in the garage!

* * * * *
Okay, so the sofa and loveseat are in the middle of the room, with the coffee table inverted on top of those. One side table is moved. The piano is just far enough away from the wall that I can crouch down behind it (I didn't want to move it much - if I could help it. Not sure if that'll throw it out of tune, or what). Just need to move a couple more things and the walls'll be clear of furniture (Yayyy!).

Next step: Removing all of the switch-plates and outlet covers and other assorted hardware items. Then the curtains. Yay - I discovered I do have a tension rod in the window-frame so I can throw some "temporary" curtains up while this project is underway............

Been working in some fashion since 7:00am. It's after 11:00 now and I've yet to receive any gratification!!!

All right. Break-time's over. Back to work!

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