Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part XII - Almost Done!!!

Okay, I had to take the day-off from painting yesterday. My poor old bones were creaking too much! Actually, I'd developed a rather painful crick in my neck (wouldn't have anything to do with staring at the ceiling while I was doing the cutwork, would it? Nahhhhh!!!!).

I was dead-dog tired last night, so I was in bed by 7:00pm!

Today, I hit it hard! I had a few meetings today - but no Client Crises, thank-goodness! So in between meetings, I rolled a coat of paint on the walls... Finished off the first gallon and - after the work-work-day was done, I ran over to Home Depot and bought another gallon.

I also had a moment of pure insanity. I pulled up Behr's website where you can "paint a virtual room" online. I also dragged out one of my Bird-Of-Paradise throw pillows and got this wild idea that maybe the "Accent Wall" could be orange. Well, technically, "Apricot."

So I bought a gallon of "Apricot Flower."

No question about it being a color. Nope. Nuh uh!

Thankfully, I decided to paint a 2' square patch on the "behind the sofa" wall - while it was still light out.

Orange --err-- Apricot Flower Verdict: Not a Good Plan! It kinda reminds me of Tums - to tellya the truth! (And Roger would probably kill me, actually!)

And then there's the whole issue of having to re-do all the @#$% cut-work again... To say nothing of the "challenges" that would go along with trying to change-the-look of the room if I'm locked into an ORANGE wall.

End Result: all four walls will be "Sweet Marzipan." Honestly, it really isn't a noticeable difference, but it's still an improvement over how the room *did* look. And - as long as I don't completely f**k up the trimwork and door - the room will definitely look more "crisp."

And I'm only out about $25 for a gallon of paint that I can't use or return :::sigh::: Hell, maybe I'll do something outrageous in the dog's room/guest-room (dogs are color-blind, at least - and it might deter guests from staying too long!!!)

Okay, well, I'm almost done with my current "break." I'm starting to get a little nervous about finishing this b/c Rog comes home tomorrow night, and I'm planning on making a Cameo Appearance at the office tomorrow - so my time is running out!

Annnnnnd... I still haven't purchased the paint for the baseboards or door. Evidently Home Depot can't mix up quart sizes of colors that are "close to" white. I don't want to buy another gallon, however. Now I'm debating painting the door/baseboards a DARK color (but NOT Orange!) Maybe something in a darker, olive greenish tone. I gotta decide fast, though - I've only got tomorrow afternoon to finish this up!!!


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