Saturday, September 20, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part III - Lunch Break!

Okay, lunch-break time...

Actually, lunch-break is over now. But I want to regroup and enjoy a cigarette and an Adult Beverage before I dive back into it...

Lunch (if you care) was Chinese Take-Out. Not exactly "Diabetic-Friendly" but since I've started the new U500 insulin, it's nice to know I *can* indulge every once in awhile. Prior to lunch, with all the running-around I'd been doing, my BG had dipped into the low 90's so I felt "safe" with getting some chinese food (I did take a pre-emptive dose of Novolog, however). Sooo, mushu pork, almond chicken and tomato-beef chow mein for lunch. Followed by an "Orange Push-Up" - the Adult Beverage Du Jour: Sugar-free orange soda, vodka and a tablespoon of cream over ice (Stir well. Or blend - if you so choose!). I get a little tired of "Orange" after awhile, so I embellished mine with a little dribble of Sugar-free Banana Syrup (from - I am not affiliated w/them in any way. I just like their "stuff!"). So I guess you could say I'm enjoying an OrangAna Push-Up - or maybe a BanOrange Push-Up. In either case, it's Good Stuff!

"So how's the painting coming along, Nancy?!!"

:::rolling eyes:::

Okay, so I told myself that I wasn't gonna "stress" over this (although I Abso-LUTELY want to "finish" it before Rog comes home Thursday night). So presently I'm in "Do-what-I-want, When-I-Want-To. In-A-Manner-That-Pleases-Me" Mode!

In other words, I'm taking it sloooooooooow right now! Hell, I can stay up 'til midnight, or later, if I so choose, right?!!

As of this moment: All of the furniture is crammed into the middle of the living room, and is safely ensconced under drop-cloths; Electrical outlet covers/switchplates have been removed; Curtains are down (but the hardware isn't, yet!) - and I'm making note of the fact that our front window actually *is* fairly large and rethinking the heavy velvet [Cheap K-Mart] drapes that I *had* hanging there. Not sure what I want to replace 'em with, but I'd like something a bit lighter-weight and that will open FULLY.

Oh, and I did a preliminary "swiffering" of the dust and cobwebs. Very "preliminary!" I need to hit the walls again with a fresh swiffer pad. And I need to drag out the vaccuum cleaner as well. The dogs were having a Field-Day with the dust-bunnies that lived behind the furniture!!! (but they're lousy cleaners - if you ask me!!!)

Next Step: Scrubbing the walls with this Jasco Liquid TSP "Substitute." Freakin' Home Depot doesn't carry TSP anymore - I guess it's not "green" or something. And please tell me I'm not alone in feeling a little "sick-to-death" of the latest "Go Green" trends??? Don't get me wrong - I'm all "for" saving Mother Earth and all that (Yes, we recycle - and I *even* do my own composting!!!), but I think we're starting to go a little "over-the-top" here, folks...

(Case-in-point: I was watching some show on HGTV several weeks/months back... They were featuring some Mega-Mansion someplace [the details escape me, to be honest]. One thing that stuck out in my mind was how they were really highlighting the homeowner's choice of floor materials. Evidently, they'd re-used stone [or marble, or granite, or whatever] flooring that was dug-up from some super-old Chateau in France or Switzerland [or someplace], and they were carrying-on - on the show - about how "Green" that was: To recycle materials from this old European Home, right? Well, yeah, at face-value, that "sounds good" and all that. But we weren't talking about some 800 square foot home, right? It's a mega-mansion! And it was freakin' STONE! I mean, seriously folks - How much did it COST to dig-up the flooring, prep/recycle it, and TRANSPORT it from Europe to the U.S. of A? I'm not talking just dollars [or Euros] here, I'm talking "Mother Earth's Resources." It's all very-well-and-good to claim that you're "green" and all that - but seriously!!! Jeezus Criminy!!!)

* * * * *
Can you tell I'm not eager to start scrubbing the walls??? I seem to be - umm - stalling, huh?!!

Okay, enough yammering for now. I'm jumping back into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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