Sunday, September 21, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part VIII - Runnin' Out of Steam...

...But I *will* finish!

I have nearly-completed the "front" wall of the house. That wall has the most cut-work with a window and a door. So I applied generous amts of masking tape and did all the hand-paint/brush-work.

There is some roller-work to be done on that wall - but not much. There's not that much open wall-space.

I also painted 2-3 square patches on some of the other walls - just so I could see what it's gonna look like. Now that the patches have dried... Ummm... To be honest, it's not gonna look much different at all!!!

Here I was all afraid I'd chosen a color that was too dark. In fact, it's about equal in "lightness" to the beige that was on there before!!! But it is definitely a much warmer, much more golden tone.

But to look at it straight-on, I don't think anyone's gonna see or think "That's Gold."

So now I'm thinkin' I may end up doing one wall a darker color - as an "Accent Wall" - just so it looks like I *did* something!!!

To be fair, even if I do stick with the one color on all four walls, it *will* be an improvement. It'll certainly be more crisp and fresh. But I do want a little bit of drama.

For now, I'm feeling strangely pooped out. So I think I'll try to take a short nap and see if I can muster up sufficient energy to tackle the cutwork leading up to the vaulted ceiling (Yuk!).

Then all I'll be left with is roller-work, and *that* part should be a piece of cake!

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