Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Day Back...

...In the office since the "fit hit the shan" back in December!

Actually, that's not entirely true. I had been making "random appearances" when I felt up to it. Most of the time, I honestly didn't feel safe-enough to drive the 40+ miles to the office - so I stayed home.

And I am extremely grateful that I've got bosses who are "understanding" and allowed me the flexibility to work-at-home on a more-or-less fulltime basis while I got this Diabetes sh*t under control!

Nine Freaking Months!!! Yes, it took NINE MONTHS to get my blood glucose "under control!" (That's practically like childbirth!!!)

Thank GAWD for the Enocrinologist at Stanford!!!

And Thank GAWD for my Pig-Headedness in NOT accepting the half-a$$ed bullsh*t "treatments" that my Clueless doctor(s) were suggesting!!! No, I'm not going to launch into a tirade (tempting though that may be!), but my last visit w/my GP ended with a "My way or the Highway" attitude.

He gave me two options - neither of which were acceptable. Neither of which would have worked...

"Well, those are the only things I can do for you" and he basically REFUSED to write any more prescriptions for me.

"Actually, there IS one more thing you can do for me - You can write me a referral to see someone who knows what the hell they're doing Stanford's Endocrinology Clinic."

He reluctantly wrote the referral.

Annnnnnnywaaaaaayyyy... Thank GAWD!!!

So, I made it into the office today. I was definitely craving Human Interaction - and everyone I work with LOVES ME! And what's not to love?!! I *am* the "Supreme Goddess Extraordinaire" after all (Would that I could have that printed on my business cards)!

Both of the bosses remarked on how much BETTER I looked. "Not that you looked BAD, but..."

Awwww Bless Their Hearts!

Seriously, it was great getting back to see my peeps! Unfortunately, I spent entirely too much time BS-ing with people (I actually WORK a helluva lot harder from home - to tell you the truth!).

So I'm going back to my Tuesday / Thursday "in the office" schedule. I'll probably stick with the 5-6 hours "in the office" and 3-4 hours "login from home" schedule - because the traffic can be pretty stressful (and stress has an adverse effect on BG), but I'll work toward getting back to my former schedule...

Looking back - now that I'm feeling HUMAN again - I can't even imagine how I was getting through "life" before this!!! I really was a fulltime Zombie!

Not a whole heckuva lot going on - other than My Big Exciting Day at the Office (and it really wasn't THAT exciting!). Other than that, nothing particularly noteworthy to blog about :::sigh:::

Come to think of it - Sometimes NO excitement is actually a Good Thing!

Someday, maybe, this blog'll pick-up a bit in the Entertainment Realm. I just haven't stumbled onto any particularly amusing tales of late.

Time will tell.............

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