Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watering Woes Mostly Solved (for now!)

Welllll...  We accomplished a bit in the Garden Realm today.  Not as much as I would have liked, but ANY progress is better than NO progress, right?

Hubs woke up, bright-and-early (although not at 4:30am!) and mowed the lawn.  That was a good thing because poor Dynah was getting lost in the lawn (srsly)!

Then I asked Dear Hubs if he would be so kind as to help with replacing a few of the drip emitters that the dogs had chewed through...

More specifically:

Quiver as you stare into the Face of Sprinkler Destruction!!!

Princess Annie says "Yeeeeahhh?!!  So what?!!"
She is our Chief Sprinkler Eater

Annnnd... Annie's sidekick:
Tazz the Spazz
"Sprinklers?  What sprinklers?  I don't know nuthin' bout no sprinklers!!!"

Dynah Lowrider, whom the vet's office compares to Einstein (because, obviously, she so intelligent - right?)...


Anywaaaayyyy...  Dynah is far too focused on protecting our personal safety, and endlessly 'patrols the perimeter,' barking incessantly.  So she really doesn't have TIME to destroy the sprinkler system!

Oh.  Sorry.  What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Dear Hubbie agreeing to fix "a few" drip emitters for me.  

Well, thank goodness I'd had the foresight to purchase the friggin' "Contractor's Pack" of 850-jillion drip emitters from Home Depot (Did you know that H.D. stands for both Home Depot *and* Hundred Dollars?!).

Hubs was not happy.  But it's done now and - guess what?! - water *does* make it clear-out to the raised beds! Yayyyy!!! (I'm still gonna keep an eye on it though).

I also rigged up another mini-drip-loop for my "overflow" bed by the back fence.  Did not get around to sticking anything in the ground - but at least the bed is ready...

Unfortunately, Rent-A-Son Services did not make it over today, so my Super-Optimistic goal of getting the shed cleaned out, never happened :-(  But he *did* take his mom out to lunch and - what with it being Mother's Day and all - I *guess* that's legit!

On the other hand, I did plant these little beauties:

Aloe Tikis!

I think they're pretty cool!  Plus, I've not been able to find 100% Aloe Vera gel ANYWHERE (not even the health-nut store around the corner from me).  They all seem to have just a smidge of alcohol - which hurts like hell.  So now I'll just grow my own!

Anyway, that's the latest 'n greatest.  Hopefully, during this upcoming week, I can plant the rest of my veggies and get that monkey off my back!


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