Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden Fresh Salad!

Literally, even!

Around 11-ish this morning, after two mind-numbing conference calls, my tummy was telling me it was time to eat.  So I wandered out to the garden with my colorful harvest-basket and a pair of scissors...

Out in the far-back-corner of the garden (actually "front" corner of the house), next to the greenhouse is an old "junky" plastic pot which has some "Volunteer" lettuce growing (green and red leaf lettuce); Inside the greenhouse, I have a 6-pack of assorted lettuces; I have a couple of patio planters which I'd seeded with "cut-and-come-again" types of lettuce greens - including spinach (which is starting to bolt 'cuz I never cutted-or-came-the first-time!  Let alone -again!). And, of course, I still have beets and carrots and broccoli in the fridge from a couple of days ago...

Ohhh, and I found a spring onion and a couple of peas worth harvesting while I was out on my Backyard Walkabout.

Now *this* is Garden-Fresh!

So I brought everything in and tossed it into the sink to rinse it off.  I also "spared" a small garden spider and released him back into the wilds!

Tossed everything together and added some Almond-Accents Honey-Roasted Slivered almonds.  Then I made up a *most* delightful vinaigrette dressing using some Gourmet Blends Pomegranate-Balsamic Vinegar and Lime-infused Olive Oil - about 50/50 proportions (BTW - not affiliated - I just really-really like their stuff).  It was a tad on the sweet side so, next time, I'll probably add some lime juice to "tarten" it up just a bit...

Anyway, it was a VERY delicious salad.  

And about as fresh as you can get, right???

Yeah, this year-round Garden Thing is actually pretty cool!!!

P.S.  What I *didn't* eat, went straight outside to the Roly-Pig Composter so that, later this year, it can work towards fertilizing THIS year's harvest!  How freaking GREEN is that?!!

P.P.S.  I've given up on Blogger's "spacing" issues with the paragraphs.  You'll just have to scroll through double/triple/quadruple spaces until Blogger "fixes" it.  Every time I post with everything lined up properly, it squishes everything together.  Then when I go back and fix it, it quadruples it.  And I am *not* editing html.  So there! :-P~

P.P.P.S.  New Droid is on order - should arrive tomorrow.  So maybe, just maybe, the picture quality, in future posts, will improve a *little* bit!

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