Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I still want a Tiki Hut...

Okay, I really really want a Tiki Hut - BADLY!

I yammered about this a couple of weeks ago, here.

And today I'll yammer some more because I've had some correspondence going on with the seller of said Tiki Huts.  Thankfully, I still had their flier that I'd picked up at last year's SF Garden Show.  Prices have definitely gone up since last year - but that's the way it goes, right?

In the course of our email exchanges, she had indicated that they have a 10x10 in stock.  "Is there any way to come see it?"  "No, unfortunately."  Seems they don't have a "shop" or anything like that.  But then, apparently, there were a couple of other potential customers who were *also* interested in coming to see the thing "in person" and, as it turns out, their daughter is graduating and they will be throwing a luau party for her so - end result - they HAVE set-up the 10x10 patio cover in their side yard/driveway.  And they're letting us "potential customers" come and see it.  Yay!!!

So I did!  I drove up to Sunnyvale this afternoon!  Hubs couldn't come, so I just took lots of pictures and a few measurements.

10x10 Tiki Hut / Patio Cover
10x10 is "outside of the palm trunks" dimensions
"Inside" the palm trunks is appx 8' (give or take an inch or two)

I freaking LOVE it!!!  It's got metal flashing running up the corners of the roof, and a metal, ventilated "roof cap" kinda thing (that lets air flow through and allows heat to rise/dissipate).  And there's some loose-lattice-kinda wood covering the thatch (to keep the wind from tearing it off).  Although they do have the option to put a 2nd layer of thatch on top of that...

It's got freakin' TIKI FACES carved into the support posts, people!!!

The palm trunks, supporting the roof, are almost 12" in diameter.  VERY sturdy!

 Yep.  Nice solid construction!

The thatch overhangs the perimeter by appx 1-foot, all around.

So the 10x10 actually ends-up covering a 12x12 footprint.  Therefore the 12x12 (the one that I want) should be appx 14x14 (no worries in our yard).  And it was sooooo cool and nice under there!  The overhang actually helps prevent the sun (and heat) from getting "under" the gazebo roof.

Our current gazebo gets "Bloody Hot" because, more often than not, the roof is shading the left-hand-side/outside of the gazebo - not *under* the gazebo (which is kinda dumb!) (but that's the angle of the sun, Oh well!  Waddya gonna do?!).  Well, the overhang (both around the perimeter *and* hanging down) should take care of that!

Here is where you can kinda see the roof vent.
And more details of the construction quality...

So then I asked about the "longevity" of the gazebo - particularly the thatch roof - and she led me to their backyard where they have a different model of gazebo (one with an integrated dining table and benches).  It's been in their yard for 10 years and still has the original roof.

The thatch is slightly more greyish, but still nice-looking
And I don't see ANY rust on the metal flashings

And the inside is still water-tight!
NO signs of leakage!

So, yeah, I've pretty-much ALMOST convinced myself that "I like this more than I like my money!" (The "Joysey-Friend-K Standard")  Although it would be nice if I could get hubs to kick-in "a portion" of the cost.  Maybe 60/40?

I'll wait 'til he's in a good mood and share my pictures...  Then *try* to convince him that WE NEED this gazebo!  Actually, he *does* acknowledge that the old gazebo has seen better days.  And I *did* do some shopping around (online) to see what replacement gazebos are going for.  When we first purchased our 10x15 (probably 10-11 years ago), it was appx $300.00.  And I've been paying $150/yr for new canvas tops.  So we're into this one appx $1500.00.  Still less than half the cost of the Tiki Hut - Ooops!

Well, I'm pricing them out now (again, the steel/canvas jobbies) and, first-off, it is damned difficult to find a 10x15 (most are 10x10 or 10x12).  You *can* find cheap ones but...  They ARE cheap (poorly made and probably wouldn't last 10 years).  So Ix-Nay on Big-Lots.  I *don't* want something "disposable!"

Sears has some decent-quality-looking ones that are in the $800-$1000 range (or a little less than 1/3 of what the Tiki-Thatch model will cost).  And we'd still be looking at replacing canopies every year...


I hope I can convince hubster!!!

And, in the meantime, I might try to see what kinda "deal" the seller might be willing to negotiate if we were talking about paying with that "Old-Fashioned-Green-Stuff" (Hey - Can't hurt to ask, right???)

I really-really want a Tiki Hut!!!

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