Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quickie PSA: Corn - the easy way!

Made a quick trip over to Giordano Farms (our local farm-stand) and, Oh Goody-Goody-Goody!!!  They've got fresh corn on the cob!!!

Now, IMHO, I think Giordano has, hands-down, THE best corn in the valley...  Possibly the state.  Hell, possibly even ON THE PLANET! (It really is *that* good!).

(Gawd, I just hope it's not Monsanto GMO*/BT corn.  That would totally suck because then I'd have to stop buying it!)


Sadly, Giordanos' home-grown corn is still a couple weeks away, but they did have some other (local) farm's fresh corn and - given the dreadful wintertime "Corn Drought" - well, I bought some!  And it was almost as good!

My FAVORITE way to cook corn is, in the husk, on the grill.  Doing it that way tastes almost as good as "Fair Corn" (which I'm convinced, is made with some sorta Voodoo Magic or something!).

But, since it's lunchtime, and I'm working, I really don't have time to fire up the grill so I'm sharing this video:

Hopefully, by embedding this in the blog, you won't be subjected to YouTube's interpretation of "similar" videos (which appear to be pornographic in nature - Eww!).

Annnnnnywaaaayyyy...  I *just* tried this method and I'm here to tell you: IT WORKS!

Steamy hot and clean as a whistle!  Yummy too!

So there it is!  Back to work..................................

Post-Script: Big "Hooray" for Giordano Farms :-)  I emailed them and they confirmed that the corn that they grow is *not* GMO.  So I feel much better about buying it now....................... 

*BTW - GMO refers to Genetically Modified Organism.  And this is way beyond hybridization.  Just Label It  has more info.  I'm not a full-on nutcase activist or anything, so I'm not gonna rant about it here - but I do like to "choose" what I eat.

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