Monday, May 21, 2012

Quickie Garden Update (with minimal ramblings - HEY!!!)

Gonna keep it quick because it's breezy and a wee-bit COLD out here at the Tiki Bar, this evening...

You can tell I'm getting impatient and frustrated when I finally reach a point where I say "Screw it" and cram EVERYTHING into the upside down planters!!!

Upside Down Planter #1
aka "The HOT bed" (full, blazing sun)
located closest to the back door

This planter is mostly herbs.  Some leftover from last year (thyme and sage), and some new additions (2 kinds of chives, a french tarragon, and a stevia).  I didn't even make note of what got planted where - but I did jam the plant-tags into the soil in the "general vicinity" of what I planted!  

Oh, I also added an upside-down Ananas Noir tomato (the other one is a Sun Sugar cherry tom).  And in the very bottom, I crammed some of the leftover beans (no clue what I planted where - LOL!)

Upside Down Planter #2
Slightly cooler since it's closer to the back fence and huge Italian Cypresses
(and gets a fair amt of shade)

Still has some lettuce and spinach, and last year's stevia growing in it.  I also crammed in 3 strawberry plants (once of which actually has fruit on it - Yay!) (See it?!  See it?!).

Hell, I've never been a huge fan of "Strawberry Planters" anyway...........

And, again, more beans on the bottom.

Wouldnt'cha know it?  The *minute* I turned my back, Princess Annie (aka "Chief Sprinkler Eater" and "Destructo-Dog Extraordinaire") was ALREADY chomping on the greenery of my beans on the bottom!

B*tch!!!  I turned the hose on her and she got "mildly annoyed" :::sigh:::

I'm not overly optimistic about the beans in the bottom, nor the upside-down 'maters.  But "whaddya gonna do." Right???  Jeeezus!

I just got tired of watching the plants wilt on the outdoor dining table, and I really couldn't find the time to plant 'em properly.

Oh, BTW, I *still* have one 'mater plant - a Stupice - but I think I'll pot it up and pawn it off on my *other* neighbor!!!

As for the "already-planted-beds," well, they're doing okay.  Still have some "catching-up" to do, but the weather's been pretty decent, so I think it'll be all right.  My new "Bean Bed" is looking a little wilty, so I'm still dragging the hose out and giving it a supplemental "jolt."  I think it'll need it for the first week or so, but once everybody's established, I hope it'll be okay! (I do NOT want to drag a hose out, clear across the yard, every damned day!!!) (that's a LONG trek, and hoses are rather unwieldy - to say the least!).

Anyhoooooo...  I think I can safely say that ALL of my "Critical Planting" is done!  I still want to pot-up the Citrus trees, but that's not Life-and-Death (they're fine in their current pots).

NOW I can start concentrating on converting the yard back into "Summer Mode:" Get rid of all the crap strewn about; set-up the wet-bar and fridge behind the Tiki Bar; Drag out all of the Summer Furniture; etc.

And here's a Summer-Preparatory Pic:

Part of my vast "Big-Lots" Cheesy-Tiki Collection!
Currently residing on the steps to the hot tub.

So that's the Latest 'n Greatest from QT's Tiki Farm...  I'm glad I finally got the "Gardening Monkey" off my back, at least!

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