Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another Raised Bed (Yayyy!!!)

Not sure how much "Entertainment" and/or "Humor" I'll be able to inject into this post, but I'll give it my best shot!!!

So, I took a "walkabout" in the backyard the other night::

Peaches are looking Super-Happy!
(These are the "Early-bearers, white peaches")

Santa Rosa Plums - will be VERY prolific this year!!!

Artie-Choke!  This is a li'l baby!  
Not sure if theyll be super-prolific, but I'll take what I can get!!!

I left two cabbages in my winter-beds, *hoping* they would form heads and become usable.
I'm starting to have my doubts (it is *too* sunny and warm in the beds - I'm afraid!)

"Volunteer" Tomatoes - leftover from Last Year.
Not sure what "varieties" they are - but I only planted heirlooms last year.
I suspect they are either Kellogg's Breakfast, Green Zebra, or Carbon...

In any case, I am leaving the "Volunteer" tomatoes alone!  They appear to be well-established and - with any luck - will be *most* prolific this summer!!!  My "intent" was to attempt to "Rotate" my crops for this summer's garden... But if something comes-up on it's own?  Well, I am not inclined to f**k with a good thing, right?!!

I'm debating about "what to do" with the Cool-Season Garden...  I ripped out *most* of the cool-season stuff a few days ago, but I left the cabbages - hoping they'd made "heads."  I just don't know if that's gonna happen and I'll PROBABLY rip them out :::sigh:::.

But HERE is my biggest "Challenge!"

Finny Farm and Santa Clara Master Gardeners' Haul

I have NO place to put them!!! EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annnnnnywaaaaaaayyyyyy....  Given that I wanted to do some kinda "crop-rotation,"  I quickly realized that I was gonna need ANOTHER raised bed (b/c the two existing beds were devoted, primarily, to tomatoes last year).

I was actuallly hoping to contract Rent-A-Son-Services but - alas - C. has a "regular" job and isn't always available to tend-to my various whims (:::sigh:::)!  I was forced to ask The Spousal Unit to build my third raised-bed TODAY...

He acquiesced - however reluctantly! (Believe me!!!  Had my feet not been so "Ouchy!" I would have done it all MYSELF!!!)

Consequently, I was subjected to his A/R, OCD ways, and overt concerns over the fact that my raised beds would be neither level, nor square, nor perfectly WHATEVERS!....  JEEZ, I *don't* freaking CARE!!!

2"x12"x12' and 2"x12"x8'  Pressure-treated lumber.

Yes, I know that pressure-treated ain't the GREATEST - but "It'll do." Okay???

But that meant he got to drag out his POWER tools ("Arr! Arrrrr!")

And there was MUCH "Meticulous Measuring!"
("D00d,,,  It's a rectangular-ish BOX for holding DIRT!!")

He did most of the construction out on the pool-side patio (shaded by palm trees).
But the "final" construction took-place back in the garden (guarded by Killer-Bees!!!)

New raised-bed - out between the Tiki-Shack/Studio and Greenhouse

The "Challenge" for me is gonna be the Volunteer Peach Tree which will, mostly, shade the new Veggie Bed...  I think I'll leave the tree alone, this year, but I may NUKE IT next year (if it negatively-impacts tomato production)...

Anyhoooooo....  I hopes my feets will "behave" tomorrow and enable me to fill-up the bed with composted straw-bales and soil, so that I can actually PLANT much of which is growing "Out-Of-Control" in the greenhouse!!!  I've already got a drip-line hooked-up, so I'm not worried about getting water out there (this is where last year's Straw-Bale Bed lived).

Gotta get the Summer Garden Planted ASAP, though...  If not, it will all be For Naught!!!

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