Saturday, May 12, 2012

Geeky Glee

One annoying thing about being a light sleeper (and a restless one at that!) is that the dogs perceive ANY movement on my part (including stretching, scratching or rolling over) as an indication that "IT MUST BE TIME FOR BREAKFAST - YAYYYYY!!!"

Hubs could sleep through a nuclear holocaust - I swear!  But the upshot of all this is that, invariably, I end up getting up at around 4:30am to pot and feed and re-pot the dogs.  They then promptly go back to bed and I am sitting there - not necessarily wide-awake and functional - but basically unable to go back to sleep. :::sigh:::

Yep.  I was up at 4:30 on a Saturday morning.  Sh*t!

Well, I wanted to tackle some planting chores early in the day, anyway.  Just NOT at 4:30am!

So I guess I'll just laze in the recliner and wait for the sun to come up...

I'll post more about my gardening adventures a little later.  First I want to yammer about my Geeky Droid Discoveries.

First (lesser, but still interesting) Droid Discovery:  There is a Voice-To-Text Feature built into the phone that I thought was pretty cool.  See?  I wanted to make note of what got planted where (HEY!!), but didn't have pen and paper handy.  So I just used my phone as a mini dictation machine (texting hubs in the process!).  Just use the Text Feature, then down by the space-bar there's a microphone icon.  Hit that and start talking! "Jersey devil speckled roma amish paste kellogg's breakfast early girl hillbilly."  And it got 'em all right!!!

That feature also works with captioning photos when you're uploading to Facebook.  No more fat-fingered-typing!

Next up: If you follow this blog, you know I post quite a few crappy Droid pics 'cuz I'm too lazy to drag out my good camera (and - BTW - I'm still hoping to find a camera with WiFi/Web capabilities).  At least the new Droid RAZR takes marginally-better pictures.

Annnnnd I discovered that you can upload directly to Picasaweb - Cool...  Actually, that's definitely better than uploading EVERY DAMNED THING to Facebook.

Butttt...  I still need to download the pictures to my local drive and edit a bit.

Wellllll...  Turns out - *when* you are in Picasaweb, there's a drop-down that allows you to "Edit in Picasa" annnnd export all in one fell swoop!!!

That made me SUPER happy!

I'll share the resulting pictures in my Garden post later.  I suspect they're gonna look *just* like the pictures I usually post - but they were a heckuva lot easier to "get to!"

More later.........................

Gotta burn-up the last of my Geekiness and rig-up the Plant Cam!

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