Friday, August 15, 2008

Wiener Whining Continues...

Dynah the Cone-Head Franken-Weenie

Well, I warned ya!

Actually Dynah's shown remarkable progress this week. She can now almost, kinda-sorta, walk. Both of her hind legs are very much "alive" although her right rear is definitely weaker. At least she can support her weight and she's not dragging that leg anymore.

I'm glad she's feeling better, but it seems like the better she feels, the bigger pain-in-the-tush she tends to be! And I guess I can't really keep her tranquilized *all* the time! Actually, today I didn't tranq her at all - and she did "okay."

But once again, I tried to let her come sit outside with "the family" and all she did was yelp and complain!


I suspect it's gonna get worse before it gets better! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she regains almost-full use of her hind-legs by next weekend - BUT!!! - She can't be allowed any "freedom" for a full month! The risk of re-injury is too great at this point.

Oh, well!

Friday, Glorious Friday is here! And we're having beautiful weather (Yay!). Once again, I'm blogging at poolside...

We've got the weekend ahead of us. A couple of friends are coming over for a BBQ/Pool Party tomorrow. Although - for reasons that completely escape me - hardly anyone ever wants to get in the pool. The standard excuse is: "I don't want to be seen in a swimsuit." Yeah, well, Guess What Sportsfans... Ours is a very private yard and we're ALL middle-aged here! Ain't none of us got 2% body-fat anymore! And if ANYONE might run the risk of being harpooned on a public beach, it's ME! Hmph!

Now if we were talking skinny-dipping, that'd be an entirely different story! (Most middle-aged folks really *shouldn't* be seen naked! ;-)

In any event, I'll hide my flab in spandex - to the extent that's possible! Beyond that, cellulite be damned! If it's 90*+ outside, I'm jumpin' in the pool! Guests are welcome to sweat like pigs if they so choose!

Anyhooo... It'll be a relatively straightforward BBQ: Potato Chips + Dip; Veggie and Fruit Platter; Insalata Caprese (which sounds exotic! But it's just fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and Balsamic Vinaigrette); London Broil, sliced thin so folks can grab as much (or as little) as they want; Grilled Veggies; Corn on the Cob; and Some sorta Rice dish on the side...

Damn, sounds like a feast!

I gotta check the peach tree. Maybe, if I'm feeling SUPER motivated (and if we have enough peaches left!), I'll bake a fresh (low-sugar) peach-pie for dessert...

That's about all the News that's Fit to Print for today!

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