Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still Tweaking...

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Okay, so it's not all smooth-sailing with the new insulin! I've still got some adjusting to do...

Yesterday, I was totally jonesin' for German Food. Yes, I know, not many people wake up with an insane desire for wienerschnitzel and rotkohl - but I inherited my dad's tastebuds (he was stationed in Germany during WWII, BTW). Lucky for me, we actually *do* have a German restaurant in downtown San Jose It's both authentic (one of Roger's friends, who'd visited us from Germany, gave it her "Seal of Approval") and expensive (Ohhhh yeah!). So, again, lucky for me - the "urge" for German Food only strikes a couple of times a year!

Oh, and yes, once I actually attempted to make an authentic German Dinner at home. Talk about a TON of work! And it made one HELLUVA mess! (I've got the jpgs of "Hiroshima, after the bombing!" - Excuse me, "Our kitchen, after the feast!" buried on a CD someplace...).

After that experience, I decided that the food tastes MUCH better when one just hands over some cash!

Anyway, we drove up to Teske's and found they were having an authentic german Sommerfest Celebration - complete with lederhosen-wearing Live Polka Band! Yes, they even had an accordion! In fact, the restaurant was PACKED, and several of the patrons were even dressed up - including an attractive blonde in a mini-skirted dirndl (Think "St. Pauli Girl"). Had to glare at Rog when he started "appreciating" her a bit too much! ;-)~~

It really was kind of a hoot, actually!

So we each had german salad (lettuce, tomato, kraut, beans, and tomato tossed in some kinda oil/vinegar dressing), wienerschnitzel (veal, pounded thin, breaded and fried, served w/fresh lemon), german potato salad, and I'd ordered a side of rotkohl (red cabbage and apple - kinda like a sweet, dark-red version of sauerkraut). Oh, and apple streudel for dessert (well, of course!). It turned out to be a LOT of food! And soooo good, we just couldn't leave any of it behind!!!

I did dose myself w/Novolog prior to eating - but evidently, I under-guesstimated my insulin requirements (Oooooops!).

To be fair, I've never had to "predict" my insulin requirements before - b/c I always dosed "after the fact." In some ways, doing it afterwards is easier - but it's definitely not the most effective approach because the objective is to never have BG rise over 140.

So I still have a "learning curve" to get through...

Anyway, after dinner, my BG was up over 240 (Ouch!!!), and I was feeling all sweaty, and slow-mo, and zombie-like, and generally - well, sick!

And the fact that I'd *just* dosed myself before eating, meant I couldn't hit myself again :::sigh::: (Novolog takes 3-4 hours to work itself out of your system - and double-dosing within that time-frame could have adverse results).

As soon as I was able, I did dose myself again, and I did manage to drop back to the 190's - which is where I'm at least able to "function" (although still far from ideal).

Since I ended up "holding" in the over-200 realm for several hours, the damage had been done.

And I'm *still* paying for it today! :::sigh:::

I figure I ate about 1000 calories - 85g (or 1/3 of the calories) were carbohydrates - for dinner. And that is hell-and-gone from what I'd normally eat at one sitting.

Actually, I fubar'd in a couple of ways last night. First off - I didn't have my PDA with me (I have a Diet Program on my PDA that has the entire USDA Nutritional Database loaded on it - so I can pretty much "scrawl-in" any kinda food to get a good ballpark estimate of calories/fat/carbs/protein), and Secondly - I allowed myself to eat 'til I was stuffed (something I never EVER do!). And yes, I *did* have dessert - so that's a pretty big sin, too!

But OTOH, I do want to be able to allow myself to "indulge" every once in awhile... I just need to figure out how to do it without turning into a complete Zombie!

So now I need to learn how to "predict" my insulin requirements so I can prevent this from happening again. In other words, learn how to be a "normal" diabetic. Hmmmm...

I mean, it sux to "pay" for two days for dining indiscretions!!!

Oh, well! I think, in this case, I'm gonna say it was "worth it!" (But I've got a strong twinge of "Never Again" kickin'!)

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