Friday, August 15, 2008

Annie The Bluetooth Eater (Or "Stellar Service Story")

(Okay, it's a little outdated!)

Ehh, it's a gorgeous night and I'm still sitting out at the Tiki Bar, intermittently surfing the 'net, watching the full moon rise, and breathing the heavenly aroma of Tuberose flowers (smells like a fresh Hawaiian Lei!)...

I figured I'd share a recent story that I sent to my boss, via email.

Brief Background: I work as a Business/Systems Analyst (System Integration, if you care!) for a Payroll Company that was BIG into "Customer Service." It was taken over by a bigger Payroll Company that didn't have the greatest reputation for Customer Service - but we've been allowed to maintain our stranglehold on "Keeping the Customer Happy" for the time being...

And yes, I *am* a big Advocate of Excellent Customer Service (since it seems like such a rare occurrence these days!).

Anyway, my Actual, Honest-To-Gawd Experience follows:

* * * * *
Okay, to offset all of my woes of late, I thought it would be kinda nice to share a "Happy Story" - and I figured you'd appreciate it!

So... While Dynah was in the hospital, I kept my cell-phone at my side at all times. At one point, I'd sprawled out with the dogs on the guest-room bed and watched some TV. Well, the home phone rang (it was the vet), and I basically turned my back on my cell-phone for a whopping five minutes.

In that time, Annie managed to climb onto the nightstand and made off with my bluetooth headset...

Several hours later, I found the remains of my headset. Still functional (albeit, a bit perforated), but unfortunately she found the rubbery-plastic ear-loop thingie to be particularly tasty. So now I'm left with a functional bluetooth headset that I can't attach to my head. Kinda limits it's "true" functionality!

So I looked up Motorola's Website and sent an online inquiry to their Support Department, asking if there was any way to purchase "just" the ear-loop for such-and-such model.

The inquiry obviously went to some centralized Customer Support Center and the response was clearly scripted. "Dear valued customer, I apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with your Motorola Product..." Ya-Ya-Ya.

Short Answer: No, they don't sell the ear-loops separately.

But there was a blurb in there about how their products have a one-year factory warranty against manufacturing defects, and if I could respond with date of purchase, place of purchase, and was the product subjected to any physical damage - blah-blah - they might be able to replace it under warranty...

:::shrug::: It's worth a shot, right?

So I pulled out all the stops (so to speak). I did write back and provided the requested info. I also noted that the headset was subjected to physical damage - "A dachshund puppy named Annie" - and that "I'd be very surprised if that's covered under warranty! I'm willing to pay a reasonable amt to have it repaired, though"

I even dug up a jpg of one of Annie's cuter (and younger) poses. Renamed it "Annie_The_Bluetooth_Eater" and attached it to my email.

I can just imagine the Customer Service Rep flipping through her list of scripted responses, looking for the appropriate reply ("dachshund puppy... dachshund puppy... hmmmm... nothing here!"). But - to my amazement! - they wrote back and told me that they'd replace it on a "One Time, Exception Basis" under the factory warranty. Free of charge!

Well I'll be damned!!!

I mean, they could have just as easily said "Too bad," right?

I thought that was pretty cool and a excellent example of good customer service (are you getting goosebumps yet?!).

In fact, when it's all resolved I'll have to find a way to send a "Recognition" letter to someone, someplace higher-up in Motorola. While I never had anything "bad" to say about Motorola products, now I'm far more likely to say "good" things about them...

Pretty cool, huh?!

Just thought I'd share.............. (It's nice to catch a break every once in awhile!!!!)


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