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Yep.  ANOTHER rambling post! (I *swear* we'll get back to "regularly scheduled programming" at SOME point!!!)

Firstly - not that I'm gonna WHINE nonstop - I'm still experiencing some significant psoriasis woes.  I mention this only because it is kind of a Key Point in today's post...

Secondly - Other "background info:" Hubs is traveling on business.  He left, yesterday afternoon, to stay at a hotel near the SFO airport on a "Park-N-Fly" deal.  He'll be in Tel Aviv, Israel for appx 1 week (and NO - I do NOT like him traveling to the Middle East - but what're ya gonna do, right?!).

And thirdly/fourthly - Other "background info:"  Dynah - who I'd pictured here - is a Key Player in today's "Drama!"

Here she is again:

Yep.  She's mama's little Einstein!

And this also factors into the story:

The "original" shed (not to be confused with the newer Tiki Shack/Studio)

Okay...  There's all the background info!  Now, onto yesterday's DRAMA, which is basically a copy/paste from an email I'd sent out to my aunt...

Ha!  Today I had a bit of a Mini-Crisis with one of my dogs which - now that it's over - is actually pretty amusing!  It most-assuredly WASN'T amusing at the time!

See, I just started some new medication for my skin condition which makes me SUPER-DUPER tired and weak (but I should, eventually "acclimate" to it - and if it helps the skin condition, it will be worth it).  Hubs was actually worried about leaving me for his business trip to Israel - but I assured him that I would "get by" and - worst case - if I needed help, I do have helpful neighbors and good friends that I could turn to.

Well, shortly after he left, one of my dogs went missing!  It was Dynah, my little wire-haired doxie (and definitely "Mama's Girl").  Now she couldn't have gotten OUT of the yard, but she was very well-concealed.  I kept calling and calling her - nothing!  I got the dog-cookie-jar and shook it - nothing! (but the other two were MOST eager for cookies!). 

Now the funny thing is, if either of the other girls goes into hiding, I just call Dynah and say "Where's Annie (or Tazz)?!" and Dynah will lead me right to the errant hound (Dynah "rats 'em out!" every time).  Well this time I asked Tazz "Where's Dynah?" and Tazz just brought me to her tire (her favorite throw-toy).  Tazz was too interested in playing fetch, so I turned to Annie "Where's Dynah?!"  Annie just kind of looked at me like I was nuts!

Well, then I started to panic. "DYNAH?!!  DYNAH?!!!" 

Eventually, I heard a muffled-but-panicked bark - coming from UNDER the porch of the shed. 

Not sure if you remember our "little house"/shed out back, but there is a porch on the front of it and - knowing that we have little dogs - I made sure everything was constructed in such a way that the dogs couldn't get UNDER it.  So HOW she got trapped under there is anybody's guess!  But what WAS clear was that she couldn't figure out how to get out - and she was really freaked-out!  And, since she is "my baby" - I was pretty freaked, too!

So I go into the garage and grab the drill and a phillips-head screwdriver bit - thinking I could simply undo 6 screws to remove a plank, and help pull her out.  Unfortunately, all I succeeded in doing was stripping the screw-heads!  And at that point, I was getting REALLY exhausted (and frantic).  Sun is starting to set.  The dog is shrieking piteously at this point.  And I can't get her out!

I went out front to see if my neighbors are home.  Nope.

I ended up calling my good friend, P, IN TEARS (and I am decidedly NOT what you'd call a "Drama Queen" - but I was feeling pretty desperate at that point).

"Hi.  Umm. [snif snif] Are you busy right now?"

"I'm just starting to cook dinner.  Why are you crying?"

I managed to choke out a few details about how one of the dogs was trapped under the shed and I couldn't get her out.

"I'm sending C over - right now!"

So I sat on the shed-porch, trying to calm Dynah (and myself!) down, and waited for "Rent-A-Son Services" C (Priscilla's son) to arrive.

Bless his heart - it took him less than 5 minutes to unscrew and remove a plank, retrieve the dog, replace the plank, FIND where she had dug an "access trench" and block it off with a big ol' cement block, AND give her a belly-rub!


I feel extremely fortunate to have such good friends.  I really HATE having to ask for help - but it's nice to know it's there when you need it!

So yeah, in hindsight, it makes for a pretty amusing story.  But - at the time - I was a freaking basket-case (and, honestly, probably more p*ssed-off over the fact that I couldn't "fix it myself" than anything else).

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