Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well, so much for my Happy Place :-P~

As I was proof-reading my last post, I heard a large "crunching" noise from over in the vicinity of the garden.

Naturally, I assumed the dogs were up to no good, but I didn't feel like budging..........

A few minutes later, hubs wandered back to the garden and uttered "Uh Oh!" (he actually says that a lot - and it doesn't always warrant My Immediate Attention).  Unfortunately, today, the "Uh Oh!" really did have relevance...........

Remember those overly abundant, plum-sized peaches I was sooo looking forward to???

Damn! Damn! Damn!
Yep, that's basically the Main Branch :-(

Had to drag out my trusty pruning saw.  I cut it off below the break (so, hopefully, I can squish the trunk split back together).

That's a LOT of slightly-under-ripe peaches...
Now resting on the ground (Booooo!!!)

I've left most of the peaches on the branches in the back garden.  No clue if they will continue to ripen (not very optimistic, unfortunately)...

I also picked a bunch of the "slightly less green" peaches.
I'm gonna try to salvage what I can.
(And yes, there are plums in there too - seein' as how I was harvesting anyway...)

Color me MAJORLY bummed.......................


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