Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Nuther Gorgeous Night...

Well... I had a "rant" in the hopper about "Pharmaceutical Challenges" (Meaning the Pharmacy messed up again) but I've decided Screw it - for now!

It was a simply gorgeous day - temps in the upper 90*s and I managed to swim a few laps this afternoon... Yes, I swam! Legitimate LAPS and everything (none of this lazy- @$$ quasi dog-paddling crap I've been reduced to)!

Yes, because of the new insulin, I feel TERRIFIC! (Yay!). Still tweaking, of course. I've had a couple of scary hypo's, but overall things are MUCH better.

So I'm just gonna "ride" this high...

Tonight is a beautiful night! Temps feel like they're in the 80's (a rarity here!) and I'm hangin' at the Tiki Bar. MP3 player hooked up to the new Boom Box, listenin' to my Tropical Resort tunes, and sipping on a (sugar-free) margarita!

Yep! Life Is Good!

Labor Day Weekend was good, too. We actually saddled up the Chrome Ponies and took a putt. I haven't ridden Phoenix (my Heritage) since July 4th weekend. I've felt too lousy - to tell you the truth. Along with that, my confidence had been temporarily "shattered" and I was pretty apprehensive about climbing aboard again. And THAT is just plain weird for me!

"Normal Nancy" knows no fear!

So it was good to get "back in the saddle" so to speak. Felt good to get the wind in my face and bugs in my teeth! Although I wasn't "up for" our Mega-Twisties - not just yet. We stuck to familiar backroads (mostly mild twisties and sweepers). Stopped off for lunch at one of the few remaining roadhouses (too close to civilization for my liking!), and then headed home...

So that was good. I didn't drop the bike - and that's even better ;-)

They say there are two kinds of bikers: "Those who have dropped their bikes and those who will." I'm happy to say I am still among the latter group!

And Gawd help me - when/if I do drop a bike - let it be the Sportster! Much as I love Magnolia (and I *do*), she's small enough that she's less likely to do TOO much damage to ME!

Anyhooo... For now, I prefer to remain among the "non-droppers!" I just wish we had more backroads watering holes. Hell, I'd take ANY backroad watering hole! Sux that they're all gone :::sigh:::

* * * * *
Wow. I have nothing to wax philosophic about tonight! I could go on-and-on about how much better I'm feeling (and yak incessantly about the challenges of "dialing in" the new insulin - which is still a work-in-progress), but I'm rather enjoying this whole "live in the moment" thing. I feel like I need to make-up time for my "Lost Summer!" We're definitely being blessed with fantastic weather this September. S'posed to hold - at least thru the weekend, and I intend to experience every minute of it!!!

I can definitely tell there's a "turn" coming. Sun's lower in the sky, so the Solar is having a tougher time keeping the pool heated. Get in the pool before noon and it's *quite* brisk!

(Yeah, all-at-once now: "Poor Nancy!")

Afternoon swimming is *much* better!

Hopefully we can keep the pool uncovered for a few more weeks - but we'll be shutting everything down by the end of October ("Waaaaahhhhhh!!!")

Okay - Quit thinking about that stuff!!! It goes against "Living in the Moment!!!"

It's good! It's all good!

Damn. I really don't have anything more to say tonight. How odd - normally you can't shut me up!

Oh well. I think I'll just sit here and "Be Happy!" G'Night!

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