Saturday, September 20, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part IV - Day One: Stick a Fork in Me!

Okay... Stick a fork in me because I am DONE for today (unless I get a 'Sudden Burst of Energy' later tonight!)

Swiffering is complete. It took about half-a-dozen swiffer pads, but I think I got rid of the cobwebs and dust-bunnies (for the most part!).

Spackling is also complete.

I've filled all the holes except for the molly-bolts that hold the curtain rod. I found lots of cracks - which is somewhat troubling. Then again, the house *is* 35 yrs old and we do live in earthquake territory - so I guess some settling/cracking is to be expected.

However, I did find a "run" of textured plaster - where the living room opens to the kitchen - that seems to be "sagging" somewhat. I first noticed it winter-before-last when the roof started leaking (we have since replaced the roof, BTW). But I suspect that this was an issue before Rog bought the house (in '98) because I found that "someone" had attempted to repair it with - SCOTCH TAPE of all things!!! (Yes, Scotch Tape!)

The previous homeowner was "Mr. Do-It-Yourself" with.... let's just say... "marginal" handyman skills. We've uncovered all SORTS of surprises over the years. My personal favorite was discovered when Sears came to install a new dishwasher (since the old one sounded like a 747 with it's reverse-thrusters in full-operation!). The installer discovered that the old dishwasher had been wired-up with a standard, household-grade extension-cord SPLICED IN with nothing but electrical tape holding the splice together!!!

Yeah, electricity and water - under the sink! Freakin' Genius!!!

Anyway, I looked at the sagging plaster and contemplated scraping it off - but then I'd have to apply new plaster and attempt to match the texture. That is definitely "Out-Of-Scope" for my skillset, so I've opted to leave it alone - other than removing the Scotch Tape and spackling the developing cracks (which will no-doubt return, and get worse, over time!).

Whenever/If-ever we decide to hire professional painters, we can pay THEM to repair it properly and re-paint it. Paint-wise, it's a pretty small wall to re-do - and I'm sure I'll have enough paint left over...

Some of the other cracks I discovered were on "inner" corners, so I had to apply the spackle with my fingertips. But most of the cracks/holes were standard "putty-knife" fare. So that's all done!

I just have to wait for the spackle to dry, then sand it.

Then scrub the walls, prime the spackle-spots, tape (UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!), then PAINT!

Yeah - sounds simple, doesn't it?!!

How come they can get all this sh*t done in under 30 minutes on TeeVee, huh?!! THEY make it look SIMPLE!!! Oh yeah... "The simplest, least-expensive way to give your home a face-lift is to PAINT it!"


(Mind you, I haven't even PURCHASED the paint yet!!!)

:::sigh::: Are we having fun yet???

P.S. On a Diabetes-related note: Yes, I did "pay" for the Chinese Take-Out Lunch, but not too badly. BG rose to just over 150 - 2 hrs after lunch (despite the pre-emptive Novolog "strike"), but no long-term ill-effects. Did I mention that I am THRILLED w/the Stanford Endocrinologist and the new Insulin Regimen???? ;-)

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