Saturday, September 27, 2008

"While You Were Out" Part XIV - Admitting Defeat

Well... I'd intended to get everything done and put away before Rog got home... Really, I did!

But I think "Painting Projects" are kinda like Childbirth in that you kinda forget exactly how PAINFUL they were!

The last painting project I took-on was the Bathroom (almost 100% cut-work, actually!). I *did* get it done in a weekend, but it was excruciating!!! And that was before I had my "health issues" (Gawd, it SUX getting old!!!).

In any event... Due to circumstances beyond my control (I won't bore you with the details), I was unable to complete the task at hand before Roger's return. And I have pretty much "run out of steam" so we've agreed to hire a painting contractor to finish the job!

The bid came in (after "negotiations") at $400.00. Painter will supply the paint for the ceiling and trim/door (I'd started to paint the door "Ultra-Pure-White" which was actually "Bring-Me-My-Sunglasses/Ultra-Obnoxious-White"), and I'll supply the paint for the top-coat on 3 light-gold walls, and a darker shade of gold for the "Accent Wall" (Yes, I'm getting my "Accent Wall!" Yayyy!).

He's coming tomorrow morning and the job should get done in less than one day! Then I can put the furniture back and the room should *definitely* look 1,000,000% better! (This is the same contractor - Olympic Painting - who painted the exterior of our house, several yrs. ago, and he did a FANTASTIC job!!!)

I've already ordered new curtains, and a new curtain rod. I'm using HGTV's "hint" for expanding the apparent width of the window by having the curtains extend well-beyond the window width. I may, at a later date, build an upholstered valance to go above that (if I can find some fabric that pleases me) - and I'll post about that when/if it happens.

I also ordered new beige lamp-shades from ($17@), so that oughtta brighten things up a bit as well (since the current shades are BLACK).

The rest of the room s/b fine "As-Is."

And it definitely WILL look better!

So, that's the latest!!! I'll post updates once the job is DONE!!!


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