Monday, February 7, 2011

Bathroom Reno [On-Hold] and Wild Hair #2

Addendum to Bathroom Reno [Non-] Quote #1...

So I received a VoiceMail a couple of weeks ago (which I never followed up on), and a few "Mystery Calls" on our phone, since the initial Non-Bid, right?

In the meantime, I got a Quote from the Kitchen Reno-Guy (appx $5,500 Labor-only - His company doesn't "do" bathrooms as a rule and doesn't have "stuff" to show us) (Total tally - if I buy and schlep materials - will be roughly $7500-8000). I also got a Quote from a Kitchen/Bath Renovator (that my boss used), that came in at less than $10K (and they are a "One-Stop-Shop").

We are leaning heavily toward the last bid. Based, in large part, on my boss' recommendation.

So anyway... We get a call, tonight, on the House-Phone. DH answers it - rather tersely - since he recognizes the # as one that has been calling repeatedly. It's Steve (or Joe, or whomever) from "Weatherite." He's the dude that left a message a week or so ago, wanting to know why we didn't choose their company (and their Illustrious Reputation, and Lifetime Warranty, and yada-yada-yada). He felt that there was a "disconnect" and wanted to discuss our reasoning for not going with them for our Bathroom Renovation Project...

So Rog picks up the phone, rather gruffly. Mutters something-or-other and hands the phone to me "It's for you!"


"Hi, this is John (or Steve, or Joe, or whatever). I was just following up on why you decided not to go with us for your bathroom renovation project..."

"I'm sorry. What company are you with?"

"Weatherite. I think there was some kind of 'disconnect' and I just wanted to assure you that our Guarantee was the Best in the Business and yada-yada, humunuh-humunha..."

"Ohhhhhh, Weatherite... Yes! Well, yes. I remember you! There *was* a bit of a disconnect because your guy wouldn't EVEN give me a BID for the job. Even AFTER I'd explained - FOUR TIMES - that my husband wouldn't be here for the initial bid. It seems that your company doesn't like to do business with 'just the wife' - and that you require my husband to be here before you'll deal with us..."

I'll skip the play-by-play - other than to note that the "reasoning" for their refusal to give me a bid was because - when they have to write up 600 bids/month and it turns into 1200 bids/month because the [other interested party] isn't available and they have to repeat themselves... And yada-yada, when they do an INSTALL and [the other interested party] doesn't *like* what they've installed and they have to rip-it-out and re-install it, and yada-yada, and THAT'S why the industry is faltering and blah-blah-blah....

"Well, that's all very well-and-good, but - SINCE I HAD TO EXPLAIN MYSELF FOUR TIMES - your folks could have simply declined - up front - to send someone out to bid the job..."

And... "By the way, we have INSTALLED A SWIMMING POOL AND gone through a KITCHEN RENO and THIS IS THE WAY WE HANDLED IT... My husband doesn't get involved - other than reviewing the Final Selections, Signing the Contract, and Writing Checks for Payment..."

And... "I can certainly respect that THIS IS THE WAY YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS. But, at the same time, *YOU* have to respect that THIS IS THE WAY THE MILLERS' DO BUSINESS and we are free to TAKE OUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE."

Even after that, he had the cojones to ask WHEN my husband would be available.

I stopped shy of saying "Go F*ck Yourself" and should have left it at that.

"My husband travels ALL WEEK, EVERY WEEK (blatant lie) and HE DOESN'T [Give a Rat's Ass] GET INVOLVED IN THE AESTHETIC DECISIONS [100% Truth].

Instead, it ended up more like "No, no... You have YOUR WAY of doing business and it doesn't mesh with ours. We have already decided to go with a different Bathroom Renovation Company - One that WILL work with the WIFE. Thank you very much...

Jeebus Criminey!!!

Okay, so, anyway... The Bathroom Renovation is actually "On-Hold" for the time being (although we WILL be working with American Kitchen and Bath - based on my boss' GLOWING recommendation - and the fact that their prices were "in-line" with what I was expecting. (I don't think I captured Bid#2 on my blog. But - at over $20K - it was laughable.)

I had braced myself for appx $10K for the bathroom job, so $9.200 is in-line (and that's with everything I want).

But we are waiting for the sale of Mom's House to go through, before we do anything....

Also waiting for the House-Sale is Wild Hair #2 (which will actually come to fruition before the Bathroom Reno): My Very Own Backyard Ceramic Studio

See, for Christmas, Santa Rog bought me my very own high-fire kiln. It requires 2x 120v/15a circuits (actually 28a total). The kiln is WAY COOL and I *totally* love it. But I don't have any place to plug it in. The fact that it runs on standard household current is good - but I can't run it in the house (due to fumes, heat, etc.). I really need a dedicated space for the kiln - so I'm planning to build another shed in the backyard.

Soooo... A couple-three weeks ago, I ventured out to a "Shed Shop" to look at backyard sheds. I finally settled on an 8x12 shed (w/7-foot high walls). I gathered a couple of different bids and finally settled on California Custom Sheds (they built the shed we've already got). They can install a shed for less than $3500.00. I'd also gotten a preliminary bid for the "electrical" - late last year. The "final bid" (for electrical) came in a LOT higher than originally anticipated (I've since asked for a re-work). I'm hoping I can get the shed built - and electrical installed - for appx $5,000.00. The "finish work" (insulation, drywall, Durock, etc.) can happen later (I'll hire my BIL to do that work)... But I am *very* excited about the possibility of getting My Very Own Studio constructed in my backyard!

So much so, in fact, that I have cleared a space in the Side-Yard to accommodate it. Rog got *real* excited when I announced that three fruit trees "had to go!" "Do you want me to get out the chain-saw?!" asked Rog.... "Sure!" I replied.

Within half-an-hour, all three fruit trees were gone (and within ANOTHER half an hour - bare-root replacements had been procured from the local nursery!!).

The Studio will be totally decorated with a 50's-60's Swank Tiki-Bar Vibe - and I am COMPLETELY JAZZED about the idea! The kiln will "live" in one corner which will be protected by Durock Cement Board - covered w/black mortar and edged with Lava-rock (so that the Kiln-Corner looks like a Volcano). We'll have to see how it all plays out - but I think it will be totally cool!'

Anyhooooooo... That's all the News that's Fit to Print from my End of the Planet... More to follow (as more stuff develops!)


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