Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TiKi TiMe! (and some Random Rambling)

Might as well copy/paste the opening lines from the past several posts!  "Wow, it's been awhile..." yada-yada-yada...

F*ck it!  

I'm no Cake Wrecks, or Pioneer Woman, or Bloggess - not even gonna try!  This is my tiny corner of the vast blogosphere, and I can visit it, or ignore it - however it suits me.  So there! Nyah-Nyah-Nyah!

So I had an update to the Crazy Chicken-Lady Saga that I wanted to post (and I will.) (Maybe!).  And I wanna yak a bit about my mostly-PHENOMENAL veggie-garden this year (and I will.) (Maybe!).  There's probably a bunch of other sh*t I want to blather about (and maybe I will) (Or not!).

Today, I just wanna soak up the last few moments of the afternoon's warmth whilst enjoying a frosty adult beverage (faux Limoncello-Lemonade - if you must know.  Made with vodka, sugar-free lemon syrup, a splash of Fresca, and club soda. Quite tasty!).

Yeah, so we've had a simply amazing summer, weather-wise.  Many would say it was too hot (HA!  Like that's even possible?!).  We did have about a week of triple-digits - but overall, one of the nicest summers *I* can remember!

And yes, it does seem to keep dragging on - but I really don't mind (says she - with the central A/C in the house and a portable A/C in her studio!) (Gawd I am sooo spoiled!).  I'm happy to see that my 'maters (haggard as they look) will likely stand a chance of ripening this year - so I won't feel like a cold-hearted MURDERER when I finally rip them out of their planters!

Yep.  Definitely wanna blather about the garden - but I'll need to assemble pictures and whatnot.

Today, I am merely living up to the blog's title and rambling randomly.

Good things are happening (and this is a focus I dearly want to keep!):  

The entire summer I have functioned like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING!  Yes folks, the psoriasis/eczema/leprosy/plague seems to have gone (mostly) into remission.  Oh, it still tried to flare up a couple of times, but I basically hit it with the pharmacological-equivalent of an atomic bomb, and it slowly slinks away.  So f*cking YAY for that, right?

I have to stop and reflect on that, from time-to-time.  It's like - whatever "challenges" or frustrations or out-and-out bullsh*t Life manages to throw my way..?  It ain't NUTHIN' compared to being a freaking quadriplegic!

How many of you wake up each morning and thank whatever Powers-That-Be for the ability to get out of bed and simply walk to the bathroom?!  

Okay, that's *almost* hyperbolic - but srsly, not too far from the truth for me!

So yeah, I am making a concerted effort to stay on the "Positive" end of the spectrum.  I'm no Pollyanna (HA!), but I figure if you try to approach life with a positive attitude (and an ability to roll with the occasional punches), you're far more likely to find more good coming your way.  Or, at the very least, you'll be able to recognize it when it happens, right?!

Jeez, now I'm getting all ooey-gooey.  Stop that!

Nevertheless, I'm trying to remain more positive.  

And - I'm finding that in order to feel more "balanced" (and therefore, "sane!") I have a weird compulsion to "create."  So I've been spending a lot more time in my TiKi sHacK o' PerPetual SummeR.  Been on a bit of a pottery bender, in fact!

Good-Friend P and I have gone to a few Ceramic Workshop thingies, and we're getting more into Garden Art.  In fact, Groupon had a deal for tickets to tour the Filoli Estate, up in Woodside - and they were running a gallery of garden art this summer (and some of the workshop instructors' works were on display).  Not gonna bother recounting the history of Filoli (I'm sure it's on the website), but it's the house that they used for the exterior shots for the old TV series "Dynasty."  The house is situated on 16 acres of absolutely unbelievable gardens!  And the Garden Art displays were just the icing on the cake!

Filoli Day is worthy of a post all by itself (but I don't know if that will ever happen!).  Anyway, there were many, many displays of ceramic garden totems, and garden orbs galore.  Very creative - and FUN!  So I've been making orbs a-plenty - without stopping to consider the size of the orbs vs. the capacity of my kiln - oops!  Yes, they fit in the kiln, but I can really only fire one at a time.

Anyway, I've been spending a lot more time in the shack, and that makes me feel good!  Need to keep it up :-)

And I think that's about enough random rambling for one day!

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