Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Finny Farm!

I actually "stalk" lots of bloggers. In fact my Google-Reader is embarrassingly lengthy (as are my posts, but we already *knew* that!) - but I tend to *really* enjoy Finnyknits posts the best (although she's pretty-much-tied with TheBloggess and Eggton - to be honest!). Prob'ly because she's a Foodie, and a Gardener (also a Beekeeper and all-around Crafty-b*tch!), and she's "local!" Oh, and she says swears a lot, too!

Anyway, I've met Finny a couple of times IRL, and she is equally-cool, in person. Annnnnd... In addition to posting her annual rituals for Soil-Testing and Amending (which - ahem - "You're LATE, Finny!"), and her annual "Adopt-A-Crop" (which - ahem - still hasn't happened!), well, *this* year she went out and took at class from Love Apple Farm and learned how to Grow Veggies From Seed, SUCCESSFULLY (that last word is the Key-Word, BTW).

...And so this LAST item kind-of "excuses her" for the aforementioned "shortcomings" (ahem!). She ended up growing 99 (mostly 'mater) seedlings which she is *giving away* (well - giving, "but it'd sure be nice if you donated to Bubba's AIDS ride" which, natch, I did!).

So annnnnywaaaaaaaayyyyy... I swung by Ms. Finny's place this past weekend and picked up 3 'mater plants. Then went back on Sunday and got a cuke.

Finny Farm Seedlings:

Finny's 'Maters

Colin Copia, Stephanie Stupice, and Brandy the Yellow Brandywine. Helping me enjoy a margarita at the Tiki Bar (before I moved them into the greenhouse for a few more weeks of "acclimation").

Kindly make note of the *laminated* plant tags. Ummm... COMPLETE with QR codes so you can scan 'em with your SmartPhone and get pointed to the FinnyFarm Website. Über-Geeky!

Now I am *not* so crazy that I intend to name ALL of my plants (Good Gawd - Lock me up in a rubber-room already!), but since Finny's Plants are special, I shall treat them thusly.

Cassandra Cuke, re-uniting with her Finny-Siblings in the greenhouse.
It was *quite* tearful!

Well, I wandered out there today and Cassandra Cuke isn't looking so good. I am pretty-bummed about that, but maybe she'll bounce back!

Anywaaaaaayyyyy... The Finny-Farm Plants will be taking Center Stage in my raised beds (whenever I get around to planting them!). And I, too, shall channel my inner Über-Geek and rig-up the Time-Lapse Video Plant-Cam on the garden, again, this year...

I am pretty excited to see how it goes! Now that Testing and Amending is done, I'm rather hoping this will be another Banner Year for veggie harvests!

Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?!!

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FinnyKnits said...

I hope your cucumber snaps back, but don't feel too bad - mine are all kinda acting bitchy, too. The tomatoes though? Looking great!


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