Saturday, September 17, 2011

Renovation Ramblings - Chapter V: Color Conundrum

Okay, so I've been a bizzy li'l beaver! This morning, I woke up, and started some of the Bathroom Destruction!

Matchstick blinds, towel bars and fru-fru shelves over the toilet are GONE!
(I still need to spackle the holes left behind)

And I've begun purging the vanity and - GASP - "organizing" the linen closet (which is HUGE, completely stuffed, and will NOT be purged!)

Medicine cabinet contents moved to the bedroom
(And no, unfortunately, this isn't ALL of it!)

And - oh sh*t - it turns out that Joe the Bathroom Renovator wants to complete the painting BEFORE most of the other work is done (Damn!!!). Yes, that makes sense b/c then there's less cut-work to do (I remember what a PITA it was to paint the bathroom because of all the "edges!"). But, OTOH, that's not good because I really can't pick a good color without having the new tiles and light fixtures in place. Damn-Damn-Damn!!!

And there are about 800-quadrillion color-choices!

Now, one would think that - with all the colors in the "accent tile" - I should have no difficulty selecting a complementary wall-color. Well, one would be MISTAKEN!!!!

I managed to narrow it down to three
Which quickly got narrowed down to two!

I did NOT like the color on the right, once it got on the wall. The "swatch" had me thinking that was gonna be the Perfect Match! Ha! It ended up being waaaaaay too grey. This is why it's a good idea to get actual paint-samples up on the wall - before making your decision!

Martini Olive on the left. Blue Green Gem on the right.

I really like the Olive because it is a dead-on match to some of the greens in the mosaic tile. But it is a *very* bold color and might end up looking too dark.

Both colors with Mosaics and Floor Tile

Plus the green is a slightly "warmer" tone - which might pick up on some of the warmth in the floor tile (which has NO green, but does have hints of rust, at least).

P is partial to the blue paint. But P makes no bones about the fact that she is not fond of greeny-yellows (or yellowy-greens!) so I think she is a bit prejudiced!

Di is unavailable :::sigh:::

I like the fact that the green *is* a dead-on match. The blue is not an exact match to the light blue tiles. It's "close" - but not "exact" (and I could NOT, for the life of me, find an Exact Match for the light-blue tiles!!!)

Okay, let's Step Back, shall we?

Yeah, that Olive Green is definitely a "bold" color. Plus, as I think about it, it *might* pick-up on the greens in the accent tiles a bit too much. :::sigh:::

Let's look at it in afternoon, direct-sunlight, shall we?

Hmmm... Actually, with the direct-sunlight, I am *still* on the fence! I think I need to wait and look at it in "artificial light" at night. I have a sneaking suspicion that the green is gonna be too dark/too green. The blue is definitely "light and bright" (but has almost no "warmth" to it). But - maybe - the blue will help the light-blue tiles (which are the least-prevalent color in the mosaic) "pop" more.

Gawd! I can't decide!!!

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