Monday, September 12, 2011

Renovation Ramblings - Chapter II: Quartz Quandary

Okay... I think I promised another chapter, so here goes...

So anyway… I’d brought my chosen tiles to the Kitchen/Bath Showroom and – with the help of the sales-girl – tried to find a suitable “match” from their extensive selection of itty-bitty quartz countertop samples. I did find a couple – but nothing that really thrilled me. We were kinda doing the “Wellll… It’s not like the countertop is “touching” the tub tiles” thought-process, but that’s just another way of saying “Nope. That doesn’t match – At All!”

Close ain’t close enough, and besides, I have to think about matching the sink (which, most-definitely *will* touch the countertop!). We found one that was a dead-on match for the “Goldilocks” floor tile I’d picked up (kind of a deep, honey color), but THAT tile is $6.25/sq ft! (Waaaaaaaaay the hell over budget). And another sample that was close, but still a little too "yellow."

I went home, frustrated, after that – and did some work-work. But I still had countertops on the brain and decided I really needed to pick-up some freebie samples and bring ‘em home to see them in their natural environment, as it were…

(I really am driving myself f**king batsh*t crazy over this, ya know?!!)

Sooo… I went to Lowes to look at their selection of solid surface countertops. Asked the sales-droid about Silestone and he kinda sneered something about Silestone being a “Competitor’s Product” and muttered “Home Depot” under his breath. Ummm, okay. Sorry, I didn’t know! (Jeez!), but he showed me a display of “their” Quartz Countertop equivalent. Okay. There were a couple of possibilities, so I asked if they had small samples I could take home. “No, but we have this pamphlet showing all of the colors.”

Uhhh, no. Paper pamphlets do not take the place of actual samples. So, sorry Lowe’s, I won’t be buying your Silestone Equivalent Product! :-P~

Back to Home Depot… Lo and behold, they DID have little 3-4” square samples – of SILESTONE even. They didn’t have sales-droids to help me, but I managed to help myself to several samples which I brought home… Funny thing there was: There was a Home Depot “Associate” (who was NOT wearing an orange apron) who happened to wander up behind me.

Ohhhh great! I know these guys. They want to sell Home Depot Remodeling Services – BUTTTTTT – they don't like to deal with the "just-the-wife!" (Been There, Done That!). (Go back to the Kitchen Reno Project [October 2008] – or even the first couple of Bathroom Reno posts [circa February 2011] to hear my rants about THAT!) (They're all buried under Home Improvement.)

“So have you heard about what we’re offering today?” he begins.

“No. But if it has anything to do with Kitchen or Bath Renovations, I’m not interested.”

Undaunted, he continues “Well, we’ve got a special promotion right now!”

“Yeah, well, the kitchen is DONE and the bathroom is underway.”

“Are you planning on having your kitchen or bathroom updated?” (I’m sorry, are you DEAF?!)

“Kitchen is DONE and bathroom is already contracted.”

“Well, how far along are you on your bathroom? We can yada-yada, blahda-blahda, Lifetime Guarantee, all done in one day, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya”

“Contract is signed. Work begins next week.” And I pointedly turned my back on him.

He continued blathering but I pretty-much ignored him completely as I continued on my quest to find quartz countertop samples. I found three different “contenders” for the new counter-top and brought ‘em home…

Here is Bachelorette #1:

This is Silestone “Beige Olimpo” quartz
Mosaic backsplash behind, Tub Tile to the left & right, and Metropolis Sabbia underneath
The Sabbia *does* have some hints of the honey-tone in it – but it doesn’t really show-up in this picture.

The Beige Olimpo *does* go – amazingly well – with the Crossville “Goldilocks” floor tile. But Goldilocks is INSANELY expensive (and really isn't a contender). Plus, I think it’s gonna be too dark in our bathroom.

Beige Olimpo, on top of Goldilocks floor tile
Tub tile to the left. Mosaic backsplash to the right

Yes, that combo would be perfect if our bathroom was bigger and I had a bottomless budget. But… “Ain’t gonna happen!”

Bachelorettes #2 and 3:

Tigris Sand is the top tile.
Blanco City is the bottom tile
Sabbia Floor Tile is in the middle

Tigris Sand looks good next to the mosaic. It’s not too far-off, tonally, from the floor tile (and would probably go well with the “Sedona Beige” sink), but it is definitely more “warm” than the tub tile on the right.

Blanco City? Well, I’m starting to warm-up to that tile. Tonally, it goes quite nicely with the floor and tub-tiles. But it’s speckled, so I’m not sure if it will “compete” with the mosaic backsplash. And I need to check it against the “Sedona beige” porcelain sample (for the sink).

Blanco City on top of Mosaic Tiles
Will the speckles be “too much” I wonder???

Did I mention that I am driving myself f**king batsh*t crazy over this?!! I haven’t even *looked* at grout colors yet! And the job starts in EIGHT DAYS!!!

Well, I have enlisted Di’s assistance again. We’ll be going back to the showroom on Thursday afternoon to FINALIZE the tile, grout and quartz selections – ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!

Then, of course, there's Faucets and Fixtures... And the Shower-doors to decide on... Holy Crap! Thank goodness I've already selected our light-fixtures and at least *some* of the tiles.

Jeez, for such a small bathroom and (relatively) inexpensive job, this sure is turning into a mental mind f*ck!!!

I'm sure there will be more b*tching in the days to come... But, with any luck, we WILL finalize the tile selections this week!

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