Monday, September 5, 2011

I want my money back!!!

Warning: Incessant P*ssing and Moaning ahead...

Well *this* sucks!!! Freakin' 3-Day weekend with damn-near perfect weather... It was even nice with "light breezes" on the bay!

Friday afternoon, as my work-day drew to a close, I started feeling *really* punky: Slow-Mo, Brain-Fog, Nasty Deep (and none-too-productive but ohhhh-so-exhausting) Cough...

I was Down for the Count!

Saturday Morning? Not much better. In fact, I stayed in bed the ENTIRE FREAKING DAY. Moaning, whining, hacking... Generally hating life.

Sunday, I felt a wee-bit better (thanks to the double-shot of Nyquil, the night before), but could only muster enough energy to sit out by the pool for an hour or so... Coughing was beginning to subside, at least - but The Bug seemed to be lodging itself in my sinuses...

Nevertheless, I was positively jonesin' to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE so we did go to dinner @ Fish Market (My treat - hoping to appease DH who is *most* frustrated with the current turn of events!) (Believe me Babe, you're not *half* as frustrated as *I* am!!!)

Sunday night, it settled into my right ear. Couldn't "pop" it to save my life and resorted to snorting Afrin (Ewwwww!!! I *hate* nasal spray!!!). At least now my ear is back to popping again - grant you, at random intervals - but it's better than being completely plugged-up and aching!

Monday morning, DH quickly generated Plan B when it looked like I wasn't gonna be in any condition to sail. He met a sailing Buddy on the plane to SoCal (Seems they both "commute" to SoCal on a similar schedule and they seem to have struck-up a friendship). So they met up at the marina and are out sailing today. "Waaaaaahhhh!!!"

I actually really *did* want to spend a day on the boat this weekend. Do the BBQ Thang and everything (this time I wouldn't have forgotten the hamburger buns - I swear!!!). Instead, I am stuck at home, with a box of Kleenex (actually, I ran out of Kleenex, I'm now sitting here with a roll of toilet paper!!!) (Yes, I am pathetic!), and a bottle of Nyquil. And three whiny, demanding dogs :::sigh:::

I am NOT having fun!!!

No sense crying about it, though - Gawd knows, if I do, I'll probably f**kin' suffocate!! Grrrr!

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