Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperGarden Sunday!!!

I'm not much of a football fan... Yeah, back in the 80's when the Niners were doing well (Joe Montana/Jerry Rice days), I *kinda* got into it - but "It was the Law!"

Now I can take-it-or-leave-it. In fact, in years past, we'd always manage to go to the Boat Show on Super-Sunday. The place was like a mausoleum and we had no difficulty getting salesmen to talk to us, at least!!!

Anyway, I decided to putter around the yard today. And, if it turned out I needed to buy more materials, TODAY would be the day to hit Home Depot, right?!!

* * * * *
So I started out by having a simply delicious lunch of Beef Tongue Sammich!!!
After it set in the fridge overnight, it was a lot easier to handle. And Santa-Rog bought me a Rival Deli-Slicer for Christmas! I sliced the meat Ultra-Super-Duper Thin, salted it a bit (In retrospect, I probably should've salted the water yesterday b/c the bouillon really wasn't sufficient! - "Oh, well!").

I grabbed A slice of white-bread (Can't do carbs, remember?) and smeared a teeny bit of Miracle Whip on it, then piled on the meat! Folded it over and... DAAAAAAMMMNNNN!!! That's Good Stuff! Kind of a Super-Meaty Mini-Sandwich!

It was definitely as good as I remembered it! Flavor-wise, I guess the closest thing I could compare it to would be Liverwurst (only "different" - and MUCH Better!). But it's more about the texture - Think super-tender, almost "creamy" textured filet mignon! You practically don't even have to chew it!

Yep - That's definitely some GOOD Stuff!

Now I'm debating whether to slice the whole thing or not. The thing about having the deli-slicer is: Meats are *much* better when they're freshly sliced. But disassembling and cleaning the thing is kind of a PITA.

But the biggest factor, actually, is the fact that - well - Beef Tongue LOOKS like Beef Tongue! It's rather off-putting when you open the fridge and see a big ol' cow tongue in a baggie!

"Okay, ENOUGH about the Cow-Tongue already!!!"

* * * * *
Soooooo... I had a lengthy laundry-list of Things To Do, today. Of course, I also knew there was no way in hell I was gonna get 'em all done!
First off, I wanted to start amending the soil in my raised veggie bed - so I pulled some dead plants out of several pots, and dumped the dirt into the bed. I also plan to scoop up some leaves from along the "wind-tunnel" (side of the house where ALL the neighborhood tree-leaves end up!) I want to dump them into the raised bed, then toss a bag of steer manure on top of that. Annnnnnd I need to turn my compost pile - any "good" compost will also be added to the bed. Then let it "rest" for a few weeks so the fresh stuff'll start to break down and fortify the soil...

Well, pretty much, I only managed to dump a few pots of dirt - and I still have the rest of the chores to tackle, yet!!!

Actually, higher on the list of priorities: I recently purchased a "Mystery" mix of Plumeria Cuttings off of eBay. They've been sitting, in a box, on the floor by my desk, for the past week and they REALLY need to get plunked into pots - otherwise they'll NEVER grow! I figure, there's about 20 of 'em and I want to start them in one-gallon pots. I ransacked the yard and found half-a-dozen or so pots, but didn't have nearly enough.

I also had about 20 1-gallon pots of Stella D'Oro Daylilies (Home Depot had 'em on special for *very* cheap last fall!). They never got planted - and the lilies died, right? (I kinda forgot to water 'em - Oooops!) In the meantime, I've ordered NEW S-D Daylily bulbs and figured I'll plant THEM instead (when they arrive). Planting bulbs is a whole helluva lot easier than trying to dig gallon-sized holes in our cement-hard clay soil!

So I figured I'd pull-out the dead stuff and re-use the pots AND dirt to pot-up some of the cuttings. I dragged the wheelbarrow to the back fence and started yanking the dead plants out of the pots. But when I dug a little deeper... Green shoots??? Holy sh*t! They're still alive!!! (I honestly don't believe it! I abused the HELL out of those poor plants!). I checked another... And another... And another... They're all gonna come back!

Obviously that's a VERY good choice of plant for that part of the yard (far back fence, that gets almost NO attention! And very little water!). And with the new bulbs on order - well, I'm gonna have Stella D'Oro Daylilies coming out of my ears!!!

But now I'm faced with a dilemma: I have more plants-to-plant than pots-to-plant-em-in! Of course, logic would dictate that, maybe, I could dig some holes and actually PLANT the lilies (Ha!). Unfortunately, we've not had enough rain lately and I'd need a friggin' jackhammer (or three Eager Weenie Dogs!) to penetrate the soil back there. So they're just gonna have to wait 'til we get a good rainstorm - THEN I'll plant 'em!

I figured I'd just pot up as many Plumies as I could, using whatever I could find. I have several bags of potting mix (originally intended for my new Self-Contained planters - but that can wait!). So I used that to pot-up most of the cuttings. I did "get smart" and moved the pots into the greenhouse BEFORE I watered 'em! Then I planted the cuttings, dragged the hose out to the GH and gave 'em a good drink of water. Fingers are crossed that they'll take root!

(Oooh! And while I was in the greenhouse, I harvested 4 tomatoes! Yes! FRESH TOMATOES in FEBRUARY! "Nah-nee-nah-nee-Nah-Nah!!!" I found some cold-hardy varieties late last year, and I've kept 'em in the greenhouse. Not exactly the tastiest 'maters in the world, but still!!!)

I also found a large pot full of soil (one of last year's tomato experiments). I planted 4 cuttings in that, and moved it into the house, by the back door (I'm out of space in the greenhouse - at least for large pots). Now I've got appx 5 cuttings left - but no place to put 'em. :::sigh:::

I may clean-out another large pot (or two) tomorrow and plant 'em in there. Unfortunately, I have no space in the GH, nor in the house, so they'll have to "fend for themselves" - though I might put some row-cover material over them to protect 'em from the 30* temps we're still getting at night...

Honestly, if all 20 Plumies survive, I'll ultimately have a problem on my hands because they really aren't hardy enough for our climate. And the Plumerias I've already got are getting too big to fit through the greenhouse door!


* * * * *
Anyhooooo... While I didn't accomplish "as much" as I might've liked, I feel like I did get a fair amount of work done in the yard. At least it's getting to the point where I can see "What HAS been done," rather than fret 100% about "What NEEDS to be done!"

It's getting there.............

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