Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Super-Blow Sunday Action!

Well, I'm checking out Twitter... And based on the Tweets I've seen, it seems I'm not missing much by NOT watching the Game!

I had a sudden, brief, burst of energy and ran out to the backyard at dusk. Used a shovel to scrape-up a wheelbarrow-full of dead leaves. I found some *nice* leaf mold underneath! (I don't get out much!!!)

I just dumped it into the raised bed - I'll add Steer Manure and Compost, tomorrow.

Now if we can just get some good rainstorms, I bet it'll do a LOVELY job of improving my veggie bed...

Organic = Good. Free = Even better!!!

Okay, now I'm gonna have a margarita and watch some Paul James re-runs!

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