Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rain... Followed by Sun... To be followed by Rain...

Yay! We had a halfway decent rainstorm (finally!).

But we got lucky and today was really quite pleasant. Not particularly warm, but sunny and nice. Rain is supposed to return, starting tomorrow...

Thank goodness I'd managed to move my piles o' leaves to their final resting places BEFORE the rains hit! One pile has been worked into my raised veggie bed (along with a top-dressing of bagged steer-manure), and the other is piled along the back-fence where my Pumpkin Patch will be. My hope is that Pumpkins have nice big leaves - like other squash - and that they'll fit-in with the "Tropical Vibe" since that location is highly visible! I haven't top-dressed that area with cowsh*t yet, but I will. That entire area is rock-hard clay and has had NO amendments added, no tilling, no nuthin'! So it'll be interesting to see if I can get the pumpkins to take-hold!

Anyway, I got a fair amt of prep-work done. Now I just need to wait for the stuff to break-down (and - maybe - find sufficient energy to tackle my compost piles!), and wait for the temps to get a bit warmer so I can start my Spring Garden!

Actually, I kinda/sorta already have: I bought a bunch of Organic Heirloom seeds from Tomato Fest. I went a little nuts, to be honest. I purchased 11 different varieties of tomato seeds in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whites, greens, blacks, multi-colored striped varieties - oh, and red of course! Cherry tomatoes to Monster-Sized Beefsteaks...

But the reality is: I've only got space for, maybe, 5 plants (Ooooops!). I'll pawn some seedlings off on family, friends and neighbors. And I'll probably end up tucking some 'mater plants in with some of my ornamentals! (That's the good thing about maintaining a "Jungle Vibe" - pretty-much "overgrown and out-of-control" works well!)

Worst case: If I end up with more viable seedlings than I can plant or pawn-off, I can always have a Yard Sale and maybe recoup some of my expenses! We're just around the corner from Home Depot, so a strategically-placed "Yard Sale - Veggie Seedlings" sign might work-out pretty well!

Anyway, I found my Jiffy Peat Pellets and Plastic Mini-Greenhouses. I've already planted one with seeds and it's in the bathroom windowsill. Maybe, for grins, I'll plant-up a second Mini-GH and put it in my not-so-mini greenhouse to see how it fares, in comparison. I'm guessing "Not as well" b/c the greenhouse still gets pretty chilly at night (even with the electric heater) and I don't have a seedling mat. Ehhh... It's still worth a shot, right?

I need to go through the shed and see if I still have any Goliath seeds left. That's the "Proven Performer" in my yard - so I know I have to plant at least ONE of those this year...

And I still have to fire-up my Hydroponic Garden - but I think I'll hold-off on that 'til nighttime temps are closer to the 50's (although I think we're well-past frost danger).

Yep - I'm definitely getting that Gardening Itch!

Annnnnndddddd.... Soon, we'll be pulling the yard furniture out of the shed, and setting up the Tiki Bar, and opening the pool - YEAH!!!! Okay, maybe not soon enough (and yes, we definitely need more rain!). But it's kinda nice to wander into the stores and see all the SUMMER SH*T re-appearing! Had to run into Sears today and they've got ALL their Lawn Furniture and Gazebos and Gas Grills and Whatnot prominently displayed already!

Okay, SUMMER is the ONLY season where I'm HAPPY to see the stores get a jump-start on Seasonal Sales! (Unlike seeing Christmas Crap in freaking July!!!)

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