Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When I grow up...

I wanna be *just* like Helen!

Yep, I wanna be a Cantankerous Old Biddy! Can't wait!!!

I stumbled onto her blog (link, from a link, from a link of one of my "Regular Blogs").

Check-it-out: If the shoe fits

Funny... Yet insightful and aptly serious at the same time. Seems this blog is the Latest Sensation that's Sweeping the Nation.

I've read quite a few posts and I love it enough that I'm going to feature it on the list of "Blogs I Like."

I *wish* I could write like Helen. Actually, I can, but I tend to play it a lot more "Tame" than that in the blogosphere (Don't ask me why!!!). I guess I just prefer to save my Political Rants for hurling invectives at the TeeVee whenever Bushie-Boy's Smarmy Face appears on the news... (Well, except for the shoe-throwing incident. I damn near snorted margarita out my nose from laughter when we caught THAT on the news!)

* * * * *
But, reading her stuff makes me think that I really *do* have to work on my Story-Telling Skills (which, incidentally, I *do* possess!) and maybe kick this thing up a notch...

We'll see..............................

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