Friday, December 26, 2008

'Twas a Merry One...

Had the whole Famn Damily over - and it was good...

Sharon even made an appearance - so that was even better!

But it occurred to me that we really only have "seating" for 4. Maybe 5 can squeeze around our table but 6?! No way!
Well, I was inspired by the "12 Days of Redneck Christmas" that we'd watched the previous night on CMT. I did the only sensible thing - I dragged lawn furniture into the living room, threw a linen tablecloth on it and called it "Done!"

With the fancy chargers and candles and crystal - it looked just fine (well, except there was no disguising the fact that we were sitting on plastic lawn chairs!). Nah - the Family got to sit at the "nice" table and Rog and I (still sniffling a bit from last week's cold) took the "kids table!"

Dinner was delicious - TONS of food! And a Grand Time Was Had By All...

As for the Time-Saving Aspects of the Boston Market "Heat 'N Serve" Meal... Welllll... Let's just say there were Lessons Learned - and I'll share them at another time! :-)

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