Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

The Kitchen Refacers are supposed to arrive, tomorrow morning, to start painting the cabinet interiors... And - better still - IF the "materials" have arrived - they'll start the whole re-facing job as well!


All cabinets are all 100% completely EMPTY!

Can't say the same for the living room and garage, however! (Can you say "War Zone?!!").

Yeah, I heard a fair amt of b*tching from the spousal-unit this weekend when he couldn't find stuff... I'd pretty much emptied EVERYTHING - but reserved a couple of coffee-mugs, 4 drinking glasses, a buttload of paper-plates and plastic-cups, and the "most-used" items (couple of pans, crock-pot, couple cans of soup, plastic baggies/twist-ties, and pancake syrup) and shoved them all into two cabinets (one upper and one lower - next to the sink)...

"Do we have any cereal?"

"Nope. There was one box with 1/4" of crumbs in the bottom. I tossed it!"

GrumbleGrumbleGrumble - as he opens the freezer and pulls out some Eggo waffles...

"Where's the toaster oven?"

"In the living room, next to the piano." (Where else WOULD it be?!!) (J/K!)

He grabs the toaster oven, brings it to the counter and plugs it in...

"Where's the syrup?"

"In the upper cabinet, next to the sink."

He proceeds to open EVERY cabinet *except* the upper-one, next to the sink...

"I can't find a #$%& thing!!!"


He found it.

"Where's the butter?!!"

:::rolling eyes:::

"In the fridge." (Mind you, I haven't touched the fridge - other than my normal weekly ritual of "eradicating the science projects.")

Engineers HATE disarray!!!

I'm not overly fond of it - but I can adapt....

Then again, Roger's never been what you'd call much-of-a "Morning Person" so I s'pose this is to be expected! Best not to f**k with his morning routine (I learned THAT early-on!!! And yes, COFFEE is still readily accessible!)

Anyway - he's out of town right now - so he doesn't have to deal with the Final Stages of the "Kitchen-Purge Project!"

Unfortunately, he'll be home tomorrow - AFTER the work has begun (and certainly WELL-before it'll be complete!).

I can hardly WAIT for his reaction! (Methinks it'll be a "Take-Out" week!!!)

Add-to-that: The fact that I'll be working half-days from home - while all of this is going on (I'm taking half-vacation days) - and "My Office" is Smack-Dab in the middle of the kitchen! He did leave me his Extra-Long Network cable - which is *just* long enough to reach, ummm, HIS desk in the bedroom! This means that I'll be moving the work laptop into *his* territory!!! And yes, this means I'll probably have to :::gasp::: MOVE some of his stuff in order to be able to work.

This is gonna be interesting!!!

I think, maybe, I'll put masking tape down on his desk to outline his "stuff" before I move it - so I can make absolutely CERTAIN that I return it to it's original spot (I wish I was kidding about this! I'm NOT!!!) (He freaks out every time Aida, our maid, comes - b/c she MOVES his mouse and keyboard! I sh*t you not!!!) (Love him dearly - but he's definitely got his "quirks!") (and Gawd-Knows, I *don't!!!*).

The good news - particularly since I'm only working half-days - is that I'll be able to "clear-out" of his space well-before he comes home!

The more I think about it - the more I like the masking-tape idea... Must dash to the garage and make sure we've got a roll!



Back! Whew! Found it!!!

Okay, so I'll outline his monitor-base, keyboard, and mouse-location and HOPE I can make enough space for my laptop. Thankfully, his printer is identical to mine so it's conceivable that I'll even be able to print stuff...

Anyhoooo... Pandemonium OFFICIALLY begins tomorrow. I've got quite a few "Before" pictures. Hell, I oughtta post 'em now (kindly excuse the mess - I had a bunch of crap piled on the countertops when I took 'em!).

I now present to you our indescribably UGLY, Vintage-1973 kitchen... Cue the 1970's porno music, please (Right-click and "Open in New Window" so as not to navigate away from my blog).

...BTW - I'm partial to the "Debbie Does Dallas" theme (but choose whatever best-suits *your* vision of the '70s Vibe)!

(And no, there's no real porn there - just music!)

...Take your time - I'll wait!!

Okay, now where were we? Oh yeah, Our Kitchen! About the only thing missing is Avocado-Green Appliances!

Kinda blurry shot of the dishwasher/sink area:
To the right of the sink... The new(er) range and hood:
And lastly, to the right of the range, the Fridge Zone:
My desk is in the foreground, on the right. And yes, it is a FEMA-Certified Disaster Area (but *I* know where everything is!!!).

Anyhoooo... Those are the "Before" shots. Tomorrow, I'll start snapping some "Durings" and - with any luck - by Friday I'll be able to post some "Afters!"

I'm pretty damned excited!!!

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