Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Ramblings: Cavalia and Horsey Stuff

So we're finally getting a few smidges of Summer Weather (Yay!).  Mid 90's yesterday and low-90's today "I'll take it!"  Of course, it still dips into the 50's at night ("WTF?!") - but I can definitely hang with the daytime highs.

Yesterday, I took a day off from work thinking I was gonna hook-up with an old BofA Buddy of mine (my last job: 17 years at Bank of America).  She's pushing 30 years (Yowzah!). She was gonna be in town and we thought we could hook up.  Well, her travel plans got fubar'd  and - as it turned out - one of my clients was in Crisis Mode so I ended up working almost half-a-day anyway (Jeesh!).  I did get to wander out to the Tiki Bar in the afternoon and soak-up some rays.  I also kind-of over-indulged in the Adult Beverage Realm (Oops), so my Jam-Making Plans also got fubar'd!

Today was a busy day with work as well, but I am FINALLY relaxing at the Tiki Bar with a 'Rita (*not* gonna over-indulge tonight!).  And this is my favorite Blogging Spot so I shall yammer-away and enjoy the (still) warm weather...

However, I *am* thinking that I need to get my arse out here tomorrow morning and do another rotten-fruit-scooping.  The Maori Tribe of New Zealand has a War Dance called the Haka.  It looks something like this:

And - I'm not sure if they grow peaches and plums in New Zealand - but I can't help but wonder if - instead of a War Dance - maybe they have a fly problem as well???  I kinda feel like I'm perfecting the Haka right about now!

Yep - Gotta get out here tomorrow morning with a rake and a bucket - for sure!!!

So on Sunday, we went to a matinee showing of Cavalia. Think Cirque du Soleil with horses.  TOTAL "Eye-Candy" and overall pleasant sensory experience.  I wasn't sure if hubs would be "into" it (Horses are more *my* thing.  I dragged him to see the Lipizzaner Stallions perform - a few years ago - and he played along, but clearly *wasn't* into it!).  Hubs THOROUGHLY enjoyed Cavalia and raved to his colleagues at work.

I was actually hoping for more "dressage"/dancing horse kinda stuff.  Several years ago, we saw a similar performance (and, unfortunately, I canNOT remember the name of the show!).  I recall that show was more heavily into dressage and the horses were definitely the "Main Stars" of the show.  Cavalia was more of a mix of Cirque du Soleil type of human acrobatics with the horses "sharing the stage."  They definitely got equal billing - don't get me wrong.  And it was a stunning performance, all around - what with the lighting, and music and Eye-Candy back-drops and whatnot.  It actually was almost "sensory overload" - but it was AWESOME in every way.

And yes, they *did* have a few dressage horses.  Piaffe (trot-in-place), Passage (high-stepping trot with a moment of suspension and minimal fwd motion), Half-passes (side-stepping), and some synchronized moves (in-time to the music, even!).  Amazing stuff.  There was one bay horse, in particular, who had absolutely stunning dressage moves.  I *think* it was a stallion - not sure if he was an Oldenburg or a Warmblood, or what (I was too cheap to buy a program!), but he was simply breathtaking to watch.  Reminded me a lot of Dante and, yes, I teared-up a bit watching him perform!

Here is an amazing dressage horse.  Unfortunately, I can't embed the video, but follow the link if you want to see it.  Throughout the video, the horse does an extended trot - where he flips his forelegs WAY out in front and almost looks like he's suspended mid-air during each stride.  Dante did that naturally and for the sheer pleasure of it (srsly, I would turn him out in the front arena and people would stop their cars and get out - just to watch him)!  I could watch this stuff all day but, unfortunately, to a non-horse-person (hubs!), it's kinda like watching paint dry!

Here is another fantastic dressage performance* - Freestyle to Music (and a bit less like "paint drying") - Amazing!

Anyhoooo...  Cavalia: Even though they didn't have dressage performances of this caliber, it was still an Abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING show and - if you have a chance to see it - I Highly-Highly recommend it!

Next up: Foodie Stuff and GARDENING!!!

*Total freaking bummer - Google sez: Blue Hors Matiné (the mare in the last video) broke her leg and had to be put down in 2010.  I am majorly bummed.  What an unbelievably talented horse - and what a loss!!!

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