Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Less Rambling (HA!)... More Content! Foodie Stuff and Garden Update!

Okay, so for lunch today, I had this:

Turkey, Cheese and Corn Relish. Yummy-Licious!

Okay, not the greatest picture in the world.  My RAZR's internal memory was full and I was hungry!  I snapped this (blurry) picture, then gobbled it down while I was offloading all my pics to my laptop's hard drive!

Smoked Turkey Breast with melted smoked gouda cheese and topped with my Sweet Corn Apple Relish.  It was DIVINE!

There is just *something* about the sweet-tartness of the corn-relish that goes OHHHHH so well with the salty-savoriness of smoked meat.  It is just an amazing combination and I'm *thinking* I may drop-off a jar of my relish at Giordano's next time I go there.  Not because I want to sell it or anything, but - since they're a "family business" - I think they'd just-plain appreciate it.  Hell, maybe THEY'LL start packing and selling it.  (They do sell home-made jams there!).  I think the biggest challenge will be PARTING with a jar of my corn-apple relish (it really IS that good!).

I also want to "adapt" the corn-apple-relish recipe into something with cukes or zukes.  Some kinda sweet-apple-celery-pickle kinda recipe.  Now I am NOT a pickle-person (never have been), but I think I might enjoy the "flavor" of the corn-apple relish applied to cukes or zukes.  We'll hafta see.  Unfortunately, I did not plant cukes this year (or if I did, they got *et* by the snails), so I'll have to rely on the kindness/generosity of friends who might have an overly-abundant harvest...

I did "take a wander" in the garden this afternoon (I think I'm up to Day #3 of "Being Able To Walk" - Friggin' YAYYYY!!!).  Here is what I encountered:

Early Girls - Yay!

Stephanie Stupice of the Finny Farm
Producing at a nice, steady, predictable pace!
Colin Copia - also from the Finny Farm

Unfortunately, I seem to be having some serious problems with blossom-end-rot on this plant (no clue why - it's never been a problem for me before!)

Brandy, the yellow Brandywine has some green fruits forming, as do some of the 'maters in my Paste-O-Rama bed (Pastes *and* Volunteers!).  I didn't bother taking pictures b/c the lighting was too harsh and the baby maters are still pretty green...

Now, this year's New Addition was Indigo Rose - which is a brandy-new variety of tomato.  I've actually harvested a few now and am ready to share my "analysis" of this new variety of tomato.

Indigo Rose, on the vine
(this pic was taken a few weeks ago)

The key seems to be to wait 'til they're red on the bottom before picking!

Here is the top of Indigo Rose - after I pulled the "star" stem-thingie off

Here is the bottom

So Indigo Rose seems to be extremely 'sun-sensitive.'  It's like, wherever the sun hits it, it turns almost-black.  Wherever it's shaded, it retains it's red color.  It's innards are red, like a normal tomato (didn't take a picture because the 'mater, inexplicably, leapt into my mouth before I could snap a picture!).  It's a fairly acidic tomato and it definitely tastes a bit "different" - but I can't really explain the difference.  It's good - for sure - but definitely "different!"  It'll definitely look cool on a salad - assuming it ever MAKES it to a salad! (My maters tend to get gobbled-up before I reach the back door!!!)

And lastly, here is a picture of Today's Harvest:

Not a huge haul, but still plenty!  This is the first year we are experiencing an "overlap" of white and yellow peaches.  The whites (small fruits) are definitely at the tail-end, and the yellows (big Mamma-Jammas) are still a wee-bit greenish.  But I want to harvest the yellow peaches BEFORE the friggin' birds move in and destroy them!

Tonight, I am hoping to put up a couple of batches of spicy blueberry-peach jam.  I bought (:::GASP:::) a big basket of blueberries, on sale, at the grocery-store.  There wasn't quite enough for a full-batch of blueberry jam (need 10 cups for that - only got 6 cups from the basket), so I'll combine them with peaches and make a mixed jam tonight...

Recipe to follow, I'm sure :-)

Happy Harvesting, All!!!

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