Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kitchen Wizardry (Or "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions")

So Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, I was left allllll aloooooone (Big Sad Sigh) because Hubs wanted to spend some quality time with his "Mistress" (Yes, our boat has a new monicker!  Just as long as Lazy Lightning is his ONLY Mistress - otherwise, he's a dead man!).

Actually, I was okay with that.  We'd both taken Weds-Fri off work; spent all of the Fourth together; and sometimes I kinda like to have some "Alone Time."  So it's all good.

So yesterday I ran around, had breakfast with P, completed some errands, stopped at Giordano's, our local farm-stand and had a momentary lapse in judgment!  Allllll that GORGEOUS produce!  The CORN! ("Oh Gawd The CORN!!!").  And cherries?  Three different varieties of cherries picked mere minutes ago!!!

And me:  All alone with all this Spare Time!  Why, I think I'll just can, and can, and can 'til the cows come home!  Yessirree!  I'll dispense with many of the plums and what few peaches I've salvaged from my garden...  And I'll buy some of this ORGASMIC corn and cook-up a batch of sweet corn apple relish...  And - oooh - how about a couple of GIANT baskets of cherries and maybe I'll bake-up a Fresh Cherry Pie!

Srsly...  How could you RESIST?!

I'm sure there are some psychotropic meds that could probably prevent these delusional moments but, as luck would have it, I'm not taking ANY of them!

So yeah, I loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies (but: I did NOT buy any peaches or - Gawd-Forbid - plums!).  Bagged 'em up and loaded up the car...

Then I had a few more errands to run (including standing in The World's Slowest Line at CVS to drop-off some prescriptions).  And, by the time I got home, and with the (FINALLY) warm weather, I decided I was too tired to do any canning and opted to sit my butt down at the Tiki Bar with a margarita instead!


So yeah, I've got enough plums/peaches (and now APRICOTS - courtesy of my neighbor who so appreciated the fact that I dumped plums on her doorstep that she decided to return the favor!  Aaack!) (No, that really was nice of her!  She couldn't have known I was in the throes of a delusional canning frenzy!), so yeah, anyway...  I've got enough FRUIT for at least 2 batches of jam (the fruit is getting softer-and-softer, all the while!).  And a boatload of corn for relish-making,..  And two ginormous baskets of cherries that need pitting..........

So I woke up this morning DETERMINED to make a couple of batches of jam.  Come hell or high water, dammit!  There WILL be jam!

Well, I kept to my word (mostly).  First thing this morning, I decided to consult Google and find some Plum Jam recipes.......

And since I'm *trying* to segregate Rambling from Content, Plum Jam (Mis)Adventures will be my next post (although I don't guarantee a completely "Ramble-Free" post!).........

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