Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rambly Holiday Week Adventures...

Sooooo... We spent the Fourth bobbing around on the bay on Lazy Lightning.  Winds were light and we could have sailed, but I just felt like drifting around lazily and the only "work" involved was "working on my tan!"

Bobbing lazily in very calm conditions...
*Just* the way I like it!

And - with it being the Fourth - it tends to be kind-of "Amateur Hour," especially later in the day.  Lots of Once-A-Year Boaters out - plus LOTS of alcohol-consumption (and stepped-up law-enforcement ON the water that day).  There were quite a few other "bobbers" out though...  And a few other sailboats...

This sloop was making pretty good time...

We basically just motored out to the end of our channel, cut the engine, and drifted south with the tide.  Periodically, we'd fire-up the Iron Genny and motor back to the channel, cut the engine, and drift again...  Later. Rinse. Repeat!

We headed back-in early in the day - just as the white-caps were starting to kick-up (along with the attendant spray! "Eeeek!") (Yes, I am a VERY Wimpy Sailor!).  We made it back to the dock without incident, then we took naps on the boat...

Around 6-ish was around the time that Amateur Hour starts up.  So I was very glad we were safely tied to our slip!  There were some dock parties going on...  Also a big shindig at the Yacht Club...

We chose to be Anti-Social :-)

Instead, around 6-ish, hubs fired up the Magma Grill on our stern, and I went to work on the alcohol stove in the galley and we shared a most delightful steak dinner!

"MmmmmagMUH!" (a la Dr. Evil!)

Yes, we had the bimini up, and no - it is not directly over the grill!
Bad angle for this shot.  The boat did not go up in flames!

I actually tried to get both plates in this crappy Droid shot
and failed miserably!

Dinner was delicious - in any event.  Boating is kinda like camping in that sense: Everything could be burnt to a crisp and it would STILL taste better than the finest gourmet-restaurant fare!

So then it was time to change out of summer clothes and get all bundled up in preparation for the Fireworks Extravaganza.......

The sunset was stunningly gorgeous!

Fireworks were pretty good.  I took some videos and - if I ever get around to uploading them to YouTube - I'll post a link (or embed, or whatever!).  It was especially nice because hubs installed a new stereo (with AUX/MP3 capability and movable speakers) so we had awesome tunes to accompany the show overhead.

Okay, here goes with my attempt at embedding video!

Hmmm...  The aspect ratio on the original video is much wider than what is visible on da blog.  And I'm not feeling motivated enough to figure out how to fix it!  Link to YouTube Video is here...

Here's another one:

And the YouTube link.

All told, it was a pretty fantastic day...

For the rest of the Long-Weekend...  Well, maybe I oughtta break this into chunks - but I do have Aquarium Updates; a new chapter for the Bee Saga; and I'm giving some SERIOUS thought to dealing with some of our Over-Abundant Fruits (like making plum jam, maybe???).

More later......  Maybe!  Right now I am lazing most contentedly at the Tiki Bar and don't feel like doing much of anything!!!

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