Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter has arrived *sigh* - but it's still National Soup Month!

Rumor has it that Winter has finally arrived, here in (not-so) Sunny Northern California. It seems that the Alaskan Storm Front that has Seattle all socked-in with snow:


Well, it's sending Seattle's cold and dampness down to *us* (dammit!). Although, to be fair, we really DO need the rain (it's been a very dry winter, thus far). But I could do without the arctic chill, thankyouverymuch!

(Nighttime temps in the 20*s-30*s - Jeesh! What-up wit' dat?!!)

(And yes, I *am* a Winter-Weather-Wimp!)

And I guess this is a roundabout way of saying that I'm not gonna be pruning my fruit trees anytime soon :::sigh:::

I did spend a little time in the Tiki Shack o' Perpetual Summer, last night. I've got a few items in greenware stage: Couple-three Doodad Trays; a Very-Belated Christmas Ornament (hand-print of my neighbor's baby); a bunch of clay-beads that BFF-S made; and I've started making little "jewelry" thingies: Ceramic earrings and pendants. Not sure if my attention-span will allow me to make many of those, but it seemed like a fairly simple thing to crank-out...

It's gonna be the "crimping on" of the make-it-into-jewelry part that's gonna drive me batsh*t crazy (Plus, I need to find/order the split-rings and earring wires, and findings and whatnot).

I want to start a few more smallish items so that I can justify a bisque-firing. Heh! But I don't want to venture outside - after dark - cuz it's COOOLLLLLLDDDD out there!

Works out better when I head out in the late-afternoon and get the heater cranked-on ahead of time. Then, I think it's kind nice to lose track of time and get lost in whatever I'm working on!

Maybe tomorrow........... (Ooh - and I'll even remember to take/post some pics - What a concept!).

Okay, well, that's enough Rambling Blah-Blahs... I did make a couple new soups, so I think I'll start a New Post (Heyyyyyy!!!!!)

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