Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not a Damn Thing...

Okay, here's another "Blah-Blah-Blah" Nothing Post!

So, if that's not your cup-o-tea, then just "Delete" and move-on, k???

Rain. Cold. Blaaaahhhhhhh!!! And I am feeling utterly and completely un-motivated this weekend.

:::sigh::: I never even made it out to the Tiki Shack / Studio, as planned.

I *did* accomplish some stuff last week, though. Hubs has been b*tching about the cluttered mess in the garage (Which is... Well, maybe *slightly* more than half-my-fault! But he's got sh*t out there, too!!). So I called Joysey-Friend-K (who has a Sickness: She *loves* cleaning! Like, for PLEASURE - How sick is that?!). She kept me company as I proceeded to "De-Hoard" one of the larger shelving units in the garage.

That was actually kind of comical. See? Sometimes I shop at Smart & Final (which is a "Restaurant-Supply" kinda store), and I have a tendency to pick-up things like paper-plates and disposable drinking cups, in bulk. Sometimes I sort-of purchase said items when I'm not 100% sure I need 'em! (Ooops!)

I think you know where I'm going with this...

Holy sh*t! I could feed an army with my stash of paper plates, cups, lids, plastic-cutlery and NAPKINS. Good GAWD did I have napkins! (I had so many, I actually had to throw a couple of packages out - it really was *that* ridiculous!). I also "stuck-to-my-guns" with my De-Hoarding mindset and (with K's help!), managed to convince myself "I am NEVER going to use this" for a rather large number of items!

Now, the tool-bench is piled high with stuff for the Goodwill. Yay!!! Of course, Hubs *hates* it when I take-over his tool-bench - but let's hope that the Much-Neater-Shelves will offset this (temporary) annoyance!

Ironically, I have since "replaced" practically the Exact Same Quantity of 'Goodwill Stuff' with 'NEW Stuff!!!'

Yesterday, I hooked up with BFF-S and dropped a boatload of money @ IKEA. And that was kinda fun. Now bear in mind that I absolutely HATE shopping (you couldn't drag me to a shopping maul mall unless you pointed a gun at my head!) (And even at that, I might actually prefer to be shot!!!). Somehow or other we ended up burning FOUR HOURS at IKEA. I swear, they must pump-in some kinda trance-inducing gas, or pipe subliminal "Buy-me-Buy-me-Buy-me" messages through the store!

When we started out, I was thinking "Oh, I just need to buy a new duvet cover (@ $39.00)..." Well, $300 later... Like I say... I pretty much just substituted my big pile of Old Stuff with New Stuff! (But it's GOOD stuff!)

I did get my duvet-cover (couple of 'em, actually). And I bought a new lighter-weight, "Down Alternative" (=Machine-washable!) comforter. And quite a few tchotchkes for the bathroom (including a trio of GORGEOUS aqua-colored glass vases).

New Bathroom Tchotchkes!

...And I bought some kitchen-organization krep. To be fair, I did pick-up a couple-three cool-lookin' clamp-on-cork kinda bottles that I plan to use whenever I get around to finishing my Limoncello (Oh, Jeez - I gotta do something with that!).

Cool, huh?

I'd saved the original vodka bottles, but I think this'll look much better. Kinda has that "Homespun" look, right? Anyway, I just went back to the original Limoncello recipe and it's definitely time for me to add some sweetener. I'll post more about that - once I tackle it.

(Trying to keep my Ramblings separate from "Content" after all!)

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet on the home-front. I've mainly been cuddling the dogs in front of a fire, most evenings (Did I mention that it's cold and wet outside?! And that I freaking HATE winter?!).

Nah, this is a time for "Indoor Sports." Today's Big Excitement: Firing up the old laptop and purging all personal-stuff off of it. Whenever Friend-P house-sits for me, she likes to have access to a computer so she can keep-up with FarmTown/FarmVille/Yada-Yada. While I totally trust her, I just don't think it's a good idea to have all my personal financial data accessible, so I generally lock-up my laptops (I *have* to lock-up the work laptop - per company policy - but I always stick my personal laptop in the same cabinet). Anyway, now the old Toshiba can safely be left-out...

Boring-Boring-Boring, I know! Maybe things will liven-up a bit in the coming week... We'll see. But sometimes it's nice to have a complete "Nothing" weekend!

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Roger M said...

Thanks for cleaning the garage shelves! I know I need to go through some of my stuff, as well.


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