Sunday, January 8, 2012

There might be a light at the end of the tunnel...

Let's just hope it's not an oncoming train!

Yes, I still have the dregs of the Worst Cold Ever! Hubs is finally over it (Good for him), but since I caught *his* cold later (I had a mild cold - EARLIER), well, I'm still mostly "down" with it.


We were supposed to yank das boot out of the water, last month. We gave our notice at the marina and everything. But since we were both "Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door" through the end of December, the boat had to wait.

Yesterday, hubs announced that he was feeling better so - therefore - we must ALL be feeling better, right??? "We *really* need to get the boat out of the water!" (which was true - regardless), so I grudgingly agreed - with the caveat that I had to minimize the amount of time I was "outside" and get back home as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the weather today was simply gorgeous (Upper 60's - and sunny with no wind. Would've actually been a PERFECT day for a sail, to be honest!). It took a couple of hours, but we got her back onto her trailer, hosed down, and back in her parking spot over at drydock.
All done!

So *that's* done!

Next season, we'll leave her in the water year-round. We really do get some very nice sail-able days in the winter (we also have hella-miserable rainy/wet/cold days, too!). But this year, we do have some maintenance-chores to attend to. Bottom job and paint @ the boat yard in SF (Boy, do I love making THAT drive - NOTTT!), and some outboard maintenance at an Evinrude shop not far from drydock...

I think, on the whole, I'd prefer winter-sailing though - on these almost-70* days with almost-no wind. Hubs likes the "challenging conditions" in summer (25+ knots - pretty consistently - every afternoon). But he's got a Sailing Buddy for that stuff. Me? I have totally "Embraced the Inner Wimp" and would much prefer to stick with 10 knots or less (it's just a lot more comfortable!).

Over the holidays, I did go through a bit of an "internal struggle" over the Boat-Thang.

See? Hubs would like to get a much larger keel-boat. Actually, he would like something offshore-suitable (35-40 footer). Now, *I* have no desire to sail offshore. Even when I was young and stupid, I had no desire to sail offshore! Six years of living aboard - I actually knew plenty of people who have DONE it - and I think that's just great. But for me? Nahhhhh.....

Add to that, my more - ahem - "Advanced Age" and bevy of health-issues (i.e. Diabetes and the need to keep medications refrigerated - and the potential need for ready-access to health-care / hospitals!)... Well, let's just say that circumnavigation is NOT in my future.

However, I wouldn't be opposed to a larger, more stable boat - for BAY SAILING.

And, with the recent (unexpected) passing of my good friend, the BoatGuru (of "The Haul-out of 1999" fame). Well, his boat is going to be coming onto the market very soon. I never did post my "purge" about all of that (I started to, but let it linger in "Draft" form - didn't seem right to purge here).

But I digress...........

John had an Ericson 35. Not sure of the year, but it was early- to mid-70's. It was a mess when he bought it - but he fixed it up REAL nice. And with him being a Marine Surveyor, well, I think (hell, I *know*) he did a fan-freaking-tastic job of getting that boat in Tip-Top Condition.

John's ex-girlfriend (they parted on good terms) had arranged a "Celebration"/Memorial / Crab-Boil at our old marina. I went up and had a fantastic time catching up with old friends, eating good eats, drinking good drinks, and shedding a few tears.

While I was there, the subject of his boat came up. I mentioned that I *might* be interested - an idea which my former neighbors strongly supported "Yeah! You should buy it! Keep it in the family!!!"

Well, emails were exchanged, and discussions were had. John's father is quickly realizing what a huge expense the boat will be - and my offer (which was extremely low) was being seriously considered...

Long story short: I ended up passing-up the opportunity. The logistics involved with getting the boat trucked up here (Rog wanted to sail it up from San Diego - "I don't THINK so!!!"), hauling, dis-masting, prepping, trucking, re-rigging, splashing, etc. Plus having to sell OUR boat. Plus then committing to ongoing maintenance of a 40-year old boat that's kept in the water, full-time... Well, it really was more than we could handle.

Heck, we can barely stay on top of a 6-year old Trailer-Sailor that requires *minimal* maintenance!

So, looks like a few more years of bobbing-like-a-cork on Lazy Lightning. I s'pose there are worse things, right?

Not much else going on, so I'm not doing very well with my "Write More Interesting Posts" resolution. But it's hard to drum-up much excitement when I spend my days alternating between Alka Seltzer Plus, Mucinex, and Delsym! Jeeeeez! Enough already!!!

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