Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Peaches... More 'Maters... Situation Normal!

I've been Jammin'!

Good Gawd have I been Jammin'!
And this doesn't include the stuff that's already been eaten,
Nor what's open and in the fridge
Nor all the Freezer Jams (and Frozen Squozen 'Maters) out in the garage!!!

Not much else to say today - other than I am "paying for it" for staying up 'til midnight - canning that Corn Relish! Gawd, I felt like a Zombie all day today!!! (Sux getting old!). And I am *super* glad that Aida, our maid, is coming tomorrow. Ain't no way I wanna scrub the kitchen AGAIN!

I picked about 8 more peaches today... And about the same number of tomatoes... And no way in HELL am I "canning" anything more tonight! In fact, I just dumped a couple bags of peaches on my neighbors' doorsteps tonight!

Gotta watch my step when I go out to pick peaches, though. It's like Land-Mine City back there with all the rotting fruit on the ground (which, unfortunately, attracts flies like CRAZY!). Too hot to go out there and shovel 'em up (which makes the fly situation even worse!). Maybe tomorrow morning...

Anyway, I feel like I've been pretty damned productive with all this Preservation Sh*t! Now if I could just channel that energy into getting back into Ceramics, I'd be set!!!

Today? Well today, I just wanna take a nap!!!

Although... I was scouring the intertubes today, looking for ideas of what to serve with this Corn-Apple Relish and I think I may have stumbled onto something interesting: Thick smoked pork-chops, heated with Maple Syrup. Then, corn relish and maybe fresh green beans - cooked with bacon and almond slivers - on the side (I'm sure I'll be posting the recipe). Oooh! And The Bestest Salad Ever.

Ohhh yeah! That sounds good. Maybe DH will get a home-cooked meal later this week (will wonders never cease?!) Yeah... Just let me grab my pumps and pinafore apron - and maybe put some ribbons in my hair... I'll just be June Cleaver reincarnated (NOTTTT!!!).

Okay... Naptime, I think!!!

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