Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Abso-Freaking-Lutely LOVE my Garden!!!

Here is a veritable Rainbow of 'Maters from my garden:

Clockwise from top: Carbon (dark pink w/green shoulders), Kellogg's Breakfast (Orange Beefsteak Variety), Black Zebra (dark red w/green stripes), Stupice, No clue what the yellow one is (it's either a Yellow Brandywine, or else an unripe Kellogg's), and I think the red beefsteak is another type of Brandywine...

I thought I'd planted some purple tomatoes, as well, but they either haven't ripened yet, or else they ended up dying in the Straw-Bale Bed :-(

Anyway, it is sooooo cool to get such a nice variety of tomatoes (all Heirlooms, no less! I have *never* been able to grow heirlooms successfully!). Yep. Very gratifying, indeed!

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