Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bestest Salad EVER!!!

"OMG! TWO posts in ONE day???"

(Yeah, Repent Sinners!!!)

So yeah, this is where I catch myself thinking "Ya know, you *really* should drag out the Good Camera from time-to-time..." Yet I don't do it!

Okay, so anyway, I'm still using the Droid ("Deal with it!") so the pics aren't *quite* as appetizing as they could be. But TRUST ME when I say this is THE BESTEST SALAD - EVER!!!

So I whined a few days ago about being anemic... And I confirmed, with my Good Friend Google, which foods (besides liver) were high in iron... Spinach and Cranberries were on the list.

Here is what I concocted:

Fresh, organic, baby spinach. Then I julienned some fresh, raw beets on top. Then I tossed in a handful of Craisins (dried, sweetened cranberries. I absolutely DO intend to make a Splenda version with my food dehydrator, later this year, when fresh cranberries show-up in the grocery store), and a small handful of Almond Accents Honey-Roasted almond slivers, and some crumbled Feta Cheese.

Tossed the whole thing together with Strawberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing made by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont (I found it in the "gourmet" section of the regular Dressings/Condiment aisle of our grocery store). And no, I don't get any "kick-back" for recommending it. It is just TOO GOOD not to share!

It was freaking orgasmic!!!! I am officially addicted to these salads now!!!

Just wanted to share!

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