Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Switch Update: SUCCESS!!!


I am Stunned and Amazed!!!

(Bear in mind that this has been going on for >8 months now - so my "Over-The-Top" Enthusiasm is kinda justified!!!)

I don't want to go on-and-on with "Prior History" and the "Challenges" that go along with being EXTREMELY Insulin Resistant (IR), but suffice it to say that it's been positively agonizing to find insulin that actually WORKS.

I can definitely see the correlation between the word "Patient" as used to describe someone who is undergoing medical treatment and "Patient" in terms of "Hang in there..."

I should be nominated for Sainthood under BOTH definitions!

(Just don't get me started on how Doctors "Practice" medicine!)

I gotta say - My "insistence" on obtaining a referral to the Stanford Endocrinology Clinic was the Single Best Decision I've ever made in my life (up 'til now, I'd had a "Revolving Door Policy" with 'Medical Professionals!').

BTW - I'm not big into posting on message boards anymore (I lurk, but that's about it). So - on the off-chance that I have any blog "lurkers" who are experiencing issues w/IR and want sympathy and/or want to know more about my "challenges" - pls either post under comments, or email me privately at imqtpi ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com. Put "QT's Blog" in the subject line of any emails, otherwise, you'll probably get deleted (I get a Metric Ton o' Spam at that email address!).

Annnnnywaaaaaay.... I am THRILLED to report that the Stanford Endo has completely NAILED IT - on the first try, even!

Previously, my insulin regimen included appx 85u/day of Levemir @ bedtime; 45u of NPH - also @ bedtime, and Novolog "As-needed" throughout the day. Generally in the 150-200u/day realm. And I was dosing to my BG#'s - as opposed to trying to "cover" meals (b/c Total Carbohydrate Consumption, was generally below 75g/day - I usually try to keep it below 50g/day).

Wednesday Night, I stopped all insulin "Cold Turkey."

Thursday Morning, I awoke w/FBG @ 275 (Ouch!!!). Took my first shot of the New Stuff and my BG immediately dropped to the low 100's and STAYED THERE the entire day (with a couple of 'smaller' doses of Novolog). I was STUNNED!!!

Day #2 went well. I took the day off and took my mom out to lunch at The Fish Market - a local fresh-seafood restaurant chain. We have a Fish Market near my house, but it's not on the water. Mom's FM is actually on the waterfront so - even though I'm sure they serve the exact same stuff - the food tastes MUCH better there! I did okay but ended up eating waaaaaay too much sourdough bread w/our Combo-Louie Salads (shrimp and dungeness crabmeat - mmmmm!) and Cups o' Chowdah - so I did need a good, solid dose of Novolog to bring me back under control. But still - I *didn't* end up feeling like I'd been hit by a Mack Truck (which is how I'd normally feel - just for *thinking* about carbohydrates!).

Day #3:

This morning - after sleeping through the ENTIRE night (Yet ANOTHER miracle!!!), my FBG was only 137. And I haven't had FBG below 140 since I was diagnosed!!!

I'm still tweaking-around with the various insulins - trying to get myself "Dialed-in" - but with the overall "predictability" of the new Humulin R U500 I am CONVINCED I'll have it figured out within the next week!

This is soooooooo cool!!!!

The best part is: I actually *can* eat like a normal human being, if I so choose. Yes, I can actually consume carbohydrates, even! Of course, I don't see any point in "adding to the load" (referring to glucose in my bloodstream), so I'm sure I'll stick with my fanatical low-carbing. Plus, my next step (after I prove that I can "maintain" healthy BG levels) is to get this weight-thing under control - so sticking with LC seems to be the way to go...

In any event, I am soooooo glad to have found this new doctor. And I'm very pleased with this new insulin! Best of all: After more than eight months of feeling like a freaking zombie - it's "refreshing" to feel like a Human Being again!!!!

I do have theories, and have waxed philosophic over the "underlying causes" behind my metabolic issues. I'm still "digesting" my theories and may post, later on, about what I think has been going on.

But for today: It's a simply LOVELY day, and I just want to ENJOY how GOOD I'm feeling!!!!

(It's about damned time!!!!)

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