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I know I've posted random pictures of our yard on this blog...  As well as my "original" (hopelessly-outdated) personal webpage  (Yard-specific stuff here).  Honestly, those pages haven't been updated for several years (Blog is much simpler - but, admittedly, tougher to search through!).

Anyway, we are on a quarter-acre lot in Early-70's South-Bay Suburbia.  When you view our house from the street, you would never EVER expect to find a Tropical Oasis out back.

And, when I say it's like a Resort? I'm *really* not kidding!

Now, this is only during the summer months, mind you.  Come wintertime, it is barren and cold and downright depressing after we stash the Summer-Gear in the shed (I don't even want to think about it!)!  But summertime?  This really is the Ultimate Party Yard!

Trouble is, we don't have an over-abundance of "friends" to have parties, as a rule.  We used to do a big "Family Bash" every summer (for my family) (Hubs' family - what's left of it anyway - is East Coast).  But now that mom is gone, and sis and I are "estranged" (which is OK.  Really!), well, we don't have the Annual Family Bash any more!

We do have a small handful of "Couples" friends that we get-together with, from time-to-time...

Generally speaking, I do consider myself to be a fairly Sociable Person, and I *like* the idea of having parties and get-togethers in our backyard!  Hubs?  Not-so-much, unfortunately.

Although, to be fair, throwing a Big Bash really is a LOT of work (especially now that I'm experiencing a lot of these bullsh*t health issues - Grrrr!).

Annnnnyyyyyywaaaaaayyyyy, about a month ago, we had Hubs' new Sailing Buddy and his wife over for a low-key BBQ.  We're talking grilled burgers, dogs, chicken-breasts, pre-packaged 'tater salad (::::gasp!:::), chips 'n veggies 'n dips.  It really was low-key, overall, except I DID serve home-made Fresh Cherry Pie for dessert!  Everybody (but me!) went swimming, and guzzled Adult Beverages (My Fresca-Ritas were, surprisingly, a Huge Hit!)

And this past weekend, we had both sets of neighbors over for a similar low-key BBQ.  I have to say, ours is not what you'd call a super-tight-knit neighborhood (we only know the names of folks' 1 house away: next-door and across the street!).  Beyond that, it's pretty much a nod and - maybe - a "Hey howya doin'" wave.  But the neighbors on either side of us are very nice - and I *know* I could call on them if I ever needed help with anything (and, in fact, I *have!*).  And both of them have young families (kids ranging in age from 18 mo's to appx 6 years).  We keep *saying* we're gonna have 'em over for a pool party, right?  Well, last weekend, we finally DID!

Final Turnout was: 7 Adults, 6 dogs (our 3 dachshunds + 2 pomeranians + 1 border-collie), and 3 kids.  Now I always thought we had a huge yard with ample seating...  And, in fact, we do!  Tiki Bar with 5 bar-stools; 6 poolside lounge-chairs; Dining table with seating for 6; and a Bistro Table (with two chairs) under the gazebo, next to the dining table.

Well, I have to say we pretty-much maxed-out last weekend!  But it was All Good!  Seems that folks "took turns" at the Tiki Bar (moms' mostly sat at the pool's edge to watch the kids!), and - at different times of the day - moms or dads disappeared to run next door and change diapers!

Anyway, it was an awesomely fun party.  Everybody had a blast.

Tiki Toonz Outdoor Speakers
Kept us entertained with my "Resort-Party-Mix" of music!

Friends and Neighbors hangin' at the Tiki Bar!

These kids did NOT get out of the pool the entire afternoon!
They were wrinkled like little prunes by the end of the day
(and I bet they slept like babies that night!)
("You're Welcome" neighbors! ;-)

This li'l one had never been in a pool before!
He loved it!

This was when I suddenly realized that we should
probably limit ourselves to 6 guests or less (Oops!)
Some ate at poolside (and I didn't hear any complaints!)

Sadly, no home-made pie for this party (I just-plain ran out of energy!), but fresh-sliced watermelon was *almost* as good!

Next weekend: Another couples' party on Saturday, followed by sailing on Sunday (if I can manage it).  Then, hopefully, another small get-together a week-or-so after that!

Hard to believe that summer will be winding-down soon ("NNnnnnOOoooooo!!!!"), but I'm hoping we can maximize our enjoyment AND share it with friends!

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