Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Running Out of Excuses....

So, Good-Neighbor-Bri stopped by this evening...

See, I'd asked him, several weeks ago, if he would be willing to install the "heat-shields" on the Kiln-Korner Walls of my Studio - and he graciously agreed to assist...

Of course, he's got a full-time job of workin'-for-a-livin', and raising-a-family, and havin'-a-life, so he wasn't able to get to My Project right away... No worries!!!

So... Late this afternoon there was a light tap-tap-tapping at my door.... It was Good-Neighbor-Bri, asking if now was a good time to tackle my project.

Hell yeah!!!

So we wandered out back...

Well, Bri was unaware of our "Close the Garden Gate IMMEDIATELY" rule and, well, Tazz-The-Spazz (aka "Food-Hoe") managed to make her way back into the garden - AGAIN! And NOTHING (Not even the threat of Nuclear Holocaust) (aka "Momma's Wrath") would lure her out...

Fatty McTazz - Round II!

On the Plus Side: I *did* get my Heat-Shields installed! And Bri *even* moved the kiln out - from the living room (no more toe-stubbing!!!), to The Studio!!!

And - partial-payment - was a jar of my Most-Coveted Sweet-Corn-Apple-Relish (I *really* do have to make a second batch of that sh*t! It is WAAAAAYYYYY too good - and I *don't* want to run-out!!!)

Kiln and Heat-Shields, installed!

Sooooo... Other than re-arranging the cement blocks, under the kiln (which are uneven and the kiln kinda "rocks" a bit - oops!), I have officially run-out of excuses for NOT using my studio!!!

I'll still have bisque-firing (which takes 17 hrs!) done at "The Studio." But now I can do my own "final" mid-fire (or even high-fire) firings @ home!!!

Yayyyyy!!!! The Tiki-Shack / Studio is - officially - "Complete!!!"

Life! Is Good!!!

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