Monday, July 18, 2011

A *Most* Delicious Sammich!

Recipe time!

So, my esteemed employer recently changed their "Cafe" Food-service Arrangements - which, honestly, kinda sucked IMHO...

But whatever!

One of the "Specialities" (misspelled on purpose!) of our Old Foodservice Hoo-Haw was their "Special" BLT Sandwich. Let me tell you - kiddies - it was THE BEST! And whenever they listed it as their "Special" for the day, ppl would LINE UP well-before lunch hour!

So - I'm gonna share it with ya'alls. But I do hafta tell you: BLT's don't taste NEARLY as good when you make 'em yourself, as when somebody else makes 'em FOR you. That's just a Fact of Life and you're just gonna hafta deal with it.

So - That said: Go find SOMEBODY ELSE to make this sandwich for you!!!


4 slices of cooked, thick-cut, Applewood-Smoked Bacon
2 slices of fresh tomato
Couple of pieces of Lettuce (green lettuce, or iceberg, or red lettuce, or romaine, or whatever - it honestly doesn't matter!)
Schmear of fresh pesto (I bought mine from the "fresh" italian/refrigerated section of the grocery store).
Couple-three slices of fresh avocado
Toasted Sourdough Bread

That's, pretty-much, it! I think you can figure out how to put it all together!

Somebody once told me that the "Secret" to a good BLT was to make sure that the tomato slice rested-against the Mayo (on a "standard" BLT). That may be true (I tried it. Failed miserably, but at least I *tried!!!*). *I* think that the "Secret" to a good BLT (or BLAPT, in this case) is that *somebody else* has to make it for you!!!

Now, last week, I had a "hankerin'" for a BLAPT sammich and I went to the local Grocery Store to procure the necessary ingredients (bacon, sourdough, avocado and pesto). I later discovered that I *didn't* have a fresh tomato in my garden (:::gasp:::) and had to go to the local farm-stand to procure said tomato (SACRILEGE!!!). I *did* make the sandwich - but I made it MYSELF so it wasn't *nearly* as good had someone else made it FOR me!!!

So there you have it. My Recipe Du Jour (such as it is!!!). GO MAKE SOMEBODY ELSE MAKE IT FOR YOU AND ENJOY IT - DAMMIT!!!

No pictures, sorry! You'll just have to trust me. It looked *just* like a BLT sandwich!

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